Headset stops working after installing a wireless receiver for my controller

This is the second time I installed a x360 wireless receiver for a controller. After restarting my razer megalodon stops working. Sound comes out of the speakers but when nothing out of my headset. anyone know a way around this? or whats causing it to do this?
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this is what i installed http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Wireless-Gaming-Receiver-Black/dp/B0032A0RBC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
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  1. open your device manager and see if you have a conflict or broken driver?. if its an irq conflict you need to change the devices irq number to an unused 1...
    run msinfo32.exe and reassign the controller to an unused irq channel.
    but remember you must use 1-15 anything higher is a virtual device address so would have no effect.
    if this doesnt work then make sure you set it back to its original value.

    if theres a yellow question mark in the hardware device list then that devices driver has failed to load. again either a conflict or bad driver. in this case reinstall it. making sure you uninstall it first and then reboot b4 you continue...
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