All Bethesda games have suddenly started crashing

No this is not a simple case of Bethesda makes buggy games.
Up until 2 days ago all 3 Bethesda games I own ran perfectly. Suddenly they could not load games, or even start new games. They all reach the loading screen before the game starts and then it crashes to desktop. "Skyrim/FalloutNV/Fallout3 has stopped working"

It was around that time I installed Morrowind, which wouldn't even get to the menu without crashing.

Specs are: Dual 6870s, PhenomII x4 955 BE, Extreme4 970 AsRock Mobo, 8gb Gskill Ram

I've since reinstalled all 3 games, reinstalled Steam, and done a complete system reboot. None of which provided an y different results. It sounds like something with the engine these games use, as I can run any other game fine.

Thanks for any help :sweat:
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    Get the latest DX9c from MS. As I recall, some older versions of DX9 would break the version shipped with win7. seems to be the latest (june 2010).
  2. yeah i would assume you have corrupted your dx install. so updating it with the latest 1 cant do any harm...
    also make sure you run a decent reg cleaner like ccleaner. to make sure its not registry corruption causing it...
  3. Well that seams to have worked :D
    I knew I was forgetting something to update/reinstall.
    Thanks guys you're great :D
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  5. kool... its what we are here for... kudos to matt
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