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My son has been given a thrustmaster ferrari gt experience steering wheel, not having much to do with computer games, what games are out there for him to play on with this steering wheel on the pc.
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  1. I believe that wheel has the potential to work with any title. The games that I personally play and enjoy with a wheel and pedals are Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed (Shift 2: Unleashed), Dirt 2, and Dirt 3. There are other titles out there but those are the big 3. Dirt 2/3 are both rally oriented, as well as covering things like Baja trucks, Gymkhana, snow tracks etc. Shift 2 is more track oriented, including some of the big names in GT tracks, such as the Nurburgring (the Nordschleiffe looks great in game) over a variety of car-classes, from standard cars like Honda Civics, to full blown GT cars. Shift 2 is a little more technically involved, while the Dirt games are potentially a little more demanding to push the tracks as fast as possible, since the tracks are more irregular and they do a good job of emulating the surface quality of wet and dry dirt, snow, water puddles, etc.
  2. Casualcolors listed some good ones. There is also F1 2011 if he is into formula 1 racing. A couple of other Need For Speed games are out there too: Hot Pursuit and The Run if he's looking for solid racing games that are less realistic.

    Hot Pursuit is over on Amazon for $6 for the boxed copy (so is Shift 2 for that matter)
  3. Oh yeah, I completely forgot F1 2010 and 2011. Those are good games as well. Good call Heids.
  4. casualcolors said:
    Oh yeah, I completely forgot F1 2010 and 2011. Those are good games as well. Good call Heids.

    hey i just bought ferrari gt experiance wheel. can i play f1 2012 with it. pls tell me fast
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