300G-10,000rpm or 1 TB-7,200rpm HD for BF3

300G is an existing C: drive. adding the 1 TB. just wondering which I should make the boot/main drive.
do you think there would be a noticable difference in-game?
I know the 10,000rpm drive boots faster, but the bigger drive might be better for gaming?-not sure
your opinion is welcome.
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  1. Hi :)

    Is the 10,000 scsi ?

    If so then boot from that...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. All that's going to happen is that the game will load faster. Saving games will be faster too, but it generally does not take very long to save games anyway.

    If you are looking to boost your gaming performance then upgrading the hard drive will not do it.

    Better game performance means either a CPU upgrade, graphic card upgrade, or both.
  3. fast drives will reduce load times, which overall will make your games smoother. your less likely to get texture pop than if your running off a carver 5000rpm green for instance.
    personally i use raid for my gaming drives it doesnt really make a huge difference but enough to make it worth while setting it up...
    for you the faster drive will be best over the bigger capacity. unless you are gonna raid it with another 1tb then i would just use the 300g as the primary and keep the tb for storage...
    after all you dont want to slow your games drive down because its having to go through 500gigs of movies to find your game files...
  4. Load times are ANNOYINGLY LONG in BF3 (but work well for bathroom breaks). It would help you out there, as others have said. However, if it is your only drive, 300GB isn't all that much space anymore if you're installing lots of games, music, videos, etc.

    I would size it based on your space needs, not game load time improvements. If you don't need the space, go with the faster drive. If you plan to have a lot of games/music/videos on your computer, go with the larger drive. It really is that simple.
  5. if you have an ati card then get ati tray tools and set the tweaks advanced /multi threaded support option to 4 cores if you have a quad (regardless of whether it supports hyperthreading) apply and your load times should drop a fair bit... set it to 2 if your stuck with a dual.
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