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Im trying to open 2 websites, i always could open in the past on same computer, but now get an error message when i try. I get "oops! Internet exporer could not connect to... I can access from another computer in my house ok. Have tried many solutions and searches, nothing has worked.
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  1. how about simple reset to defaults to the IE? what ver. you have?
  2. Hi Shane,

    I agree with arkadi. Try restting Internet Explorer 8 settings. To do so: Open Internet Explorer > Click Tools, and then click Internet Options > Click the Advanced tab > Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click Reset.

    This may help as well:

    IE Outreach Team
  3. All else fails, might try disabling Windows or 3rd party firewall, and maybe a different browser?
  4. You can try using a different browser. That'll at least let you know if the issue lies with IE.
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