Can digital download activation codes (for COD4) be used in a differen

Its my friend's b-day and I want to buy him COD4 via digital download.
He only needs the legal activation code (serial key) which I will send him.
My questions is:
If I buy the game via digital download and send him the activation code..will he be able to use it?

He lives in Eastern Europe and I live in the USA.

I can buy the digital download either here:

or here:

They say I can download them in the US..but not the country he's from.
He doesn't use Steam I think. He uses xfire
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  1. I don't think you can so I wouldn't chance it. You should just send him the money or buy the disk and send it to him. I don't know how they would know if you are in the US or another country.

    Unless it is your IP address. Anyway I would not chance it. It will be hard to return a digital download. Well I wish you good luck on this and I hope everything works out.
  2. if the key is legit he can download the game from anywhere including steam if they still have it.
    as long as they key hasnt been used on another account or banned by punkbuster it will be usable. regardless of location...
  3. I would believe in what HEXit is saying and that brings me to ask where did you hear that a digital down load can only be done here in the US and your friend can't do to being in Easter Europe?

    Just curious and I hope eveything works out ok for your friends B-day. Good luck.
  4. Yea. He was able to use it. I guess the activation codes are not region-locked.
  5. That is great news and HEXiT is right on the money. I hope you and your friend can team up on line and kick some @%%#$@.
  6. thats the thing at the mo. you can buy games in africa for less than a quarter of what you pay in europe and the keys still work. there are a couple of companies doing it for bf3. offering the game at 1/3 what origin is charging... the keys are legit but because the cost of living in africa is calculated on percentages of earnings the games are priced accordingly. so percentage wise you pay the same amount of your wages in africa as you do in europe for your games. but to a european the game is really cheap because his cost of living is so much higher.
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