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Hello all :)

Ok, I am going to be getting Windows 7 and we have several computers. I am going to be buying one retail version of either Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional, so I WILL have the disk for it.

What I am wanting to know is if there is a place that I can buy additional LEGIT activation keys for a much lower price than if bought with the disk.

Thanks in advance! :D
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    Buy a technet subscription if you have several computers. You will get 10 keys for every OS microsoft has, XP, Vista, Windows 7, not to mention server, and office, and every other MS software ever made.

    You get 10 keys for each version, basc, home, pro, ultimate, and each key will work for 10 activations.

    You can buy the subscription for $349 if you wish to download your .isos, or for $599 if you want the actual discs shipped to you.

    I got my subscription free, I know of 2 ways to get it free for a year, a little google skills will show you how, or you can just buy it. Its well worth the money if you have multiple PCS you cant beat it.

    The keys you get are full retail keys. They never expire.

    The PC in your sig probably wont run Windows 7 very well.
  2. Ok, thank you very much, that will be of great help! :D

    P.S. The computer in my sig won't be running Windows 7, I am going to be buying a whole new computer, and the other computers in our house will be able to handle Windows 7 :)
  3. Oh, and let me get this straight:

    You can get 10 keys for every single OS, and they don't expire, even if your account expires?

    Oh, and also, do you need to have any special certification sort of thing to buy it, or can just a random person on the street with a bunch of computers buy it?

    Also, is there a limit to the number of keys that you can get (other than 10 per item, what I am meaning is can you get 10 of everything)

    And one last question, is there ANY sort of catch, no matter how small?

    Thanks! :D
  4. Oh, and also, are there any places to buy individual legit activation keys?
  5. Still awaiting an answer :)
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