External HD Reconginzed but My computer stops responding and has to be closed wh


have a 4Gb External HD Toshiba that has all my stuff in it. I plugged it in my computer recently and it seems to be working properly lights flickering and all. my computer recognizes it. I can even see it in the safely remove icon. However it does not autoplay and when I try to access it from my computer, my computer freezes and shows that its not responding and I have to close the program. Please I need help...
I have windows vista 64 bit..I tried disabling the device and then enabling it, nothing worked tried to put it in a different port also didnt work...keep flickering as if being used..
I would also like to note that Itunes is connected to it..maybe thats the problem.

I found it in the computer management and disk management...If I right click and open it displays a message that the parameter is incorrect. I dont want to format the drive and lose all the data.

Also in the disk management..under file system next to my external drive I see RAW if that helps also its in active partition
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  1. hmm it can be really simple issue, or not....we hope for the best any way.
    RAW means that it has no file system.
    First thing i want you to try is, if it is possible find second computer to confirm the problem.(change usb cable if you can).Next if you know how good hd sounds try check for clicks or repeating sounds. (that will be bad btw). if it is possible connect the drive directly to the computer, it is possible that you enclosure is bad (not luckily).
    Now for the recovery, you have two ways to go. First is simple partition recovery, if you will be really lucky you will have your files in few minutes. Second is file recovery....it can take time, and you can get different results with different software.
    I will recommend only free ware because i don't think you will by software for one use only.
    http://www.minitool-partitionrecovery.com/ you can find grate free software here, from my experience it had better results than pricey solution available.
    Good luck mate, you will need it.
    4GB hd?! how old is that thing any way? And you better have a backup next time :)
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