Windows 7 64 Icons don't always work?

Since I have updated toe Windows 7
64 bit, I have noticed that the desktop icons sometimes don't work.
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  1. Can you describe the the problem?
    You cant double click on icons on you desktop? specific icons? Explorer not responding? What are you doing to work around the issue?
    Can you open with "Right click>>open"?
    By "updated" you mean upgraded from XP, or installed windows updates?
    If you talking about updates only you can try "system restore"
  2. I am having the same problem. The desktop icons are unresponsive, and sometimes become all white. Reboot fixes temporarily. Windows Explorer is
    also strange - very slow, jams up on initial load. If I am patient, it eventually comes through and can be worked on. I am getting around it by using the Programs menu from the start button.
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