Battlefield bad company 2 punkbuster problem

Everytime I try to join a match in battlefield bad company 2 i get the error: PunkBuster kicked player "myusername" (for 0 minutes)RESTRICTION: Server Communication error

Any suggestions?
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  1. reinstall punkbuster from the pbsetup.exe and also use the pbsvc.exe ... 1s you install both run the pb exe and update your pb files for the games you have...
    this should stop you getting kicked...
    if the files dont update then download and move the updates to the required folders manually. get all the files here...
  2. I tried it, and I still get kicked immediately. I downloaded pbsetup, deleted the pb folder then ran the setup. It reinstalled the folder and told me it was up to date. JUST to double check i manually updated it too. still nothing... :fou:
  3. is your tags meeting the naming conventions? it will kick you if you have control charaters in your name. also spaces and shift characters can cause a pb boot...
    also offensive or bad taste names have also been blacklisted.

    you may also want to check your name hasnt already been blacklisted/banned on the pbbans site or aon...

    so for a test just try a name like john in your profile and see if you get kicked if so then its likely a pb server issue and you will have to email them... same place evenballance. just submit a support ticket.

    you should be able to find your guid which you will need for evenbalance.
    go to pbbans and look your self up. it should display your player name and your guid under it...

    if you cant manage to find it send me your gamer tag and i will look it up as i think im still registered as a server admin at pbbans.
  4. The thing is I bought it from Amazon as a pc download for $5 and i played it for like 3 hours. A little later I tried to play again and it started giving me this. I don't think i could have done anything to get banned in those 3 hours of gameplay. Well anyway, I tried looking for my guid but couldnt find it. My name in bad company 2 is also Mantlion (without any tags or anything)

    Also, (I think this might be important) I bought my little brother a copy on his pc, which is totally separate from mine, the original BattleField 2 (non-bad company) and he made a whole different user name (playtpunch) and he couldn't even play once. He got the exact same error I did.

    I was looking for solutions all over the web and i found a place saying to delete the pb folder in my games directory and reinstall that folder by using pbsetup. That kind of fixed the problem, he was able to join a couple of matches and got kicked from some others saying his ping was too high, sometimes he would get the original error too. I tried doing this on my laptop for bad company 2 but it didnt change a thing. I was still getting kicked immediately with the same ol' error.

    Btw I really appreciate the help.
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