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SILENT cooler for 1.2ghz Athlon-c, please?

Last response: in Overclocking
March 14, 2001 10:19:03 AM

I don't plan on overclocking so i don't want a cooler that sounds like a jet engine... What's the quietest HSF combo that will keep my 1.2ghz Athlon-c at an acceptable temp? I have been looking at the Thermaltake Volcano II (36cfm?, 31.5dba - but i have heard these are innacurate) but i'm especially attracted to the ALPHA PAL6035 w/ Sanyo Denki fan(19.1 CFM, 28 dBA) because of the lower noise rating...

i don't know much about the decibal scale, but is 28dba substatially quiter than 31.3dba?

also, my greatest concern: Does the ALPHA PAL6035 w/ Sanyo Denki fan(19.1 CFM, 28 dBA) have enough cooling power to keep my 1.2ghz Athlon-c at a low enough temp? thanks so much! Are there any other coolers that you reccommend that will suit my quiet non-overclocking needs? Thanks again!

- Brian
March 14, 2001 11:29:13 AM

Either cooler will take care of that cpu. If you're not overclocking, then anything that's 'non-standard' will cool your cpu well. At midnight, you'll be able to hear the 28dB and 31.3dB fans running. Other than that, there will be too much background noise (unless you are out in the boonies of the boonies).
March 14, 2001 10:38:55 PM

regardless of weather or not i will hear them at midnight, is the 3.5 decibal difference worth it? I mean, if a 3.5 decibal difference is undetectable, i'd rather get the volcano which would cool better than the 19.1 CFM Sanyo Denki setup, you see? But if 28dba is substatially quiter than 31.5 dba I'd be more than willing to sacrifice fan speed if it is still good enough to keep my CPU at bay...

Is the 3.5 dba difference really worth it for the extra CFM's or not?

- Brian
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March 14, 2001 10:47:09 PM

i'm pretty sure that the ALPHA PAL6035 will actual cool better than the other
March 14, 2001 11:12:53 PM

The Alpha will cool better even with the 19.1CFM Sanyo Denki fan? Are you sure?
March 14, 2001 11:13:42 PM

Hey Deisel Dude: Forget about those other heat sink fan units. If you want a really quiet but ultra effective fan go for the siverado (as discussed in Tom's evaluations of HSF units). It costs big bucks ($80 US) but if you want cold and quiet, this is the one. Check out Tom's article.

Later baby.

PS. This cooler is acceptable for overclocking, so if you change your mind about that you will have the hardware to go ahead and overclock the processor.
March 14, 2001 11:19:15 PM

$80? thanks but no thanks. Like i said, i wont be overclocking.

Later baby.

PS. Who are you, a [-peep-] salesman??? heh, just kiddin
March 14, 2001 11:25:33 PM

If you have the cash, get the volcano and faster fan. It all comes down to the available cash.
Although, even in a sound-proof room I'd have trouble telling which fan was the loudest....

All of this tweaking is supposed to be fun, remember that......
March 14, 2001 11:43:14 PM

so the volcano cools better and sounds almost the same?