BF3 Freezes my pc :(

BF3 causes my pc to freeze Randomly during game play always about 20 to 30min in with no prior warning i have been dealing with this issue for months now it has me frustrated in the worse way....

my pc specs

Running windows 7 64bit
Asus p5q-e
q9400 2.6 @ 3.6
8gig DDR2 8500 RAM
Xfire hd5770's
120gig SSD

so I have stress test the crap out of everything using multiple tools such as furmark ,memtest, prime95 OCCT intelburn Test and i get no errors in any test temps are good for both CPU and GPU

I play many other games such as arma's GTA's sports games Counter strike's COD's etc... all of which do not cause my PC to just randomly freeze for no reason..... i noticed for some reason in Americas Army 3 I have the same issue as BF3 where my pc will freeze 20 to 30 min into a game

I have even went as far as swaping PSU's and bought new cables and added a new power bar and switched outlets and still same thing

I have tried every configuration in the bios i can think of... and yes even the default settings BF3 will freeze my pc

took off the crossfire card and tried each card seperatly and even tried underclocking the gpus...I tried multiple setting within the game itself

I took out each stick of ram and tested/tried multiple combinations

made sure no USB devices CDs etc were causeing it

i reinstalled the game many many times both dling it right from orgin and from the actual disc

Drivers all up to date....

even formated

sorry for this huge post but like i said its been a few months I did alot.... there is much more i did as well like took apart the pc re installing heatsink with some fresh artic silver and cleaning the components.....

I dont know what else to do i would throw this thing in the garbage long a ass time ago if i could....

part of me thinks its hardware but the tests say otherwise.....


It freezes my PC NO BSOD no prior indications like mouse interuptions effected gameplay or lagg out of ordinary just randomly freezes with the sound of the game annoyingly still buzzing and my monitors have a mixture of whatever textures i had on the screen.....
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  1. you have done everything i would suggest apart from 1 thing. get onto the bf3 support... if its only locking up on certain gaes then i would thing its a driver issue to do with your crossfire, but you say you have tested the cards individually... give this a try... it will allow you to run the game in dx10 and turn off some of the higher end features that may be causing your cards to overheat...
    also use gpu-z's log feature to measure the vrm temps (something thats normaly not an issue may be when you use Xfire.
  2. ill try it got nothing to lose but ya cards run fine as far as i can see i mean i ran furmark and occt for like hours that should stress it more than bf3 would?

    i have been monitoring temps with gpuz and gpu shark as well using core temp for the cpus and as i play have task-manager open on performance and i monitor activity as i play (dual monitors) and when i freeze nothing really stands out temps are cool cpu never hits higher than 58 60 gpu same thing
  3. then check your hpet mode is set correctly in bios... it needs to be on and match the o.s bitrate. (high precision event timer) other than that check the device manager and see if everything is working properly.
  4. hey man thanks for the help so i finally after months figured out that for some reason my onboard sound causes my pc to freeze in bf3

    I have a USB headset so i set that as default device and so far no freezing sucks that i can't use my speakers... but atleast i can play :)
  5. By chance, what internet browser do you use to access battlelog? I had a similar issue to what you were describing and found out that IE9 was the source of my game locking up / freezing. IE9 allocates vram for its own use - this was a new feature added in version 9. This vram allocation had caused some conflicts within the game. There are two workarounds - disable hardware rendering in advanced options, or use another browser.

    If you don't use IE9, then disregard.
  6. very odd tha. then again i dont use onboard at all so it never been an issue for me.. also i use ie9 as my default browser for bf3 but if you use firefox you can get an bf3 addon that gives some extras to battlelog but it only works on the 32bit browser.
  7. HEXiT said:
    very odd tha. then again i dont use onboard at all so it never been an issue for me.. also i use ie9 as my default browser for bf3 but if you use firefox you can get an bf3 addon that gives some extras to battlelog but it only works on the 32bit browser.

    Onboard? You mean GPU? I don't either. I have GTX 580s x 2 in SLI. :)

    My lockups started after I updated to IE9 (didn't realize they were related at the time). Went through the support forums on Battlelog after exhausting every possible option I could come up with. I pasted my error log and this was the fix that support recommended to me. Tried it, and sure enough - issue fixed.

    My 580s are 1.5GB and BF3 uses most of that (I'm playing at 2560 x 1600). So if IE9 was taking some of it, there may have been some conflicts. Perhaps you have more vram headroom with your system, which is why you haven't seen any issues???
  8. on board sound... as in realtek 95/97/98 as fo ie9 i dunno i havent set anything the app is on default settings. i only have 1 gig of vram but i do have the correct page file size for the amount of ram i have...
    but like i say i have no issues yet with bf3... a lot of peeps do but i dont... i guess my config is 1 of the 1s that e.a was aiming for as its more standard than your sli system...
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