What other games could I play with my Video Card?

Hi, I'm kinda new in the Forums. I just want to ask what other games can I play with these Laptop specs:

OS:Windows Vista™ Starter (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2
Processor: Pentium Dual Core T4200 @ 2.00GHz
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

That's all I know. And here are the games that I could play:

Portal (Medium settings, 1200x800)
Portal 2 (Medium settings, 1200x800)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Medium settings, 800x600)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (High settings, 800x600)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 (Medium settings, 640x480, laggy sometimes)
Battlefield 2142 (Med-to-High settings, 1024x768)
The Sims 3 (High settings, 1024x768)
Fallout: New Vegas: (Lowest settings possible but still laggy)
Civilization IV (All high)

And off topic. In case I asked on the wrong part of the forum, please do the honor of moving it. :)

An advance thank you to the people who would answer. :) Rude answers count. :)
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  1. this two games are very cheap now a day's ,

    Burnout Paradise if you want a racing game, with decent quality and it will run above 30+ just make sure you disable SSAO

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with decent settings , if it lags on low, disable fps limiter,

  2. Thanks. I'll add them up to the list. :) My friends say Dead Space might work. Is that true?
  3. Source Engine games (like Portal 1 & 2):

    Half Life 2
    Team Fortress 2
    Left 4 Dead
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

    Other Games

    King's Bounty: The Legend
    King's Bounty: Armored Princess
    Galactic Civilization 2
    Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
    Torchlight (most likely)
    Far Cry 1
  4. I don't guarantee you that it will run smoothly though, yes it will work but probably barely or maybe , (it run on my old gt220 gpu with a q6600 before but it lags a bit on high settings 1024x768 without anti aliasing or vertical sync. in my experience that is)

    here is a gameplay of dead space 2 using a integrated graphics that I found on youtube


    i don't know how many ram and what processor he is using though.. :)
  5. wolfenstein 3d
  6. Thanks for all your replies :D I'll try to play at least one of the games you recommended. I hope I can help you all someday, thanks :)
  7. your cpu is the problem with laggy games. you really need a cpu that can do 2.4ghz. for gaming as a minimum. any less and you will struggle to get playable framerates regardless of the gpu spacs which aint great...
    basically your gonna be stick playing games pre 2008...
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