Best way to connect an ORIGINAL xbox to a PC/monitor?

I currently have dual display (2 LCD monitors). I would like to play xbox games on one of my monitors, and to do this, I was thinking I'd buy:

And plug it into a usb port on my computer, then plug my xbox into that. Will this work?
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  1. it might...
    what you want is an xbox VGA cable like i got
    to get sound to your computer i got two plugs to turn the two audio composite cables from male to female and then a thing that i plug into them and then i can plug speakers into it - no idea what the specific names are but someone might know <.<
  2. i'm sorry i beleave i have completely derped and gave you details for the xbox 360...
    for the origonal if your computer is good enough there are emulators
    then again the xbox and xbox 360 cables might be similar?
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