pentium !!! vs T-Bird temp

my p111 cpu is a 800mhz @ 900mhz ( m/b CUSL2 ) and runs very stable.The temp is 38C (idle) and max 52c full load. I think this good value .

Does a cheaper Athlon-tbird run better ???
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  1. My 800mhz Athlon @ 1000mhz runs at 38C full load and 36C idle. But, I'm using a 38CFM Delta fan on an AlphaPAL6035 heatsink. It's really loud.

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  2. I'v got a fop32 on a Tbird 800@1000 running around 26 - 44 with no troubles.

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  3. no you don't. You can't even play divx.

  4. Also Grizely has a thunderbird 750 running happy at 1020. That's a good value!

  5. thats the coolest p3 ive ever seen.
    most of my friends run oc'd at 60 degrees cel. with there p3's, what are you cooling it with?
    a friend of mine just went to great lengths to lower his temps from 70 to 77 degrees cel. to 56 to 60 degrees celcius.
    he will really apreciate some facts and specs .
  6. Are you serious?

    My PIII733 running 148Mhz@815 gives me 41-42 degrees and it's been running SETI for the last 12 hours straight...

    At rest it's down to ~ 31 degrees.

    60s and 70s is way too high! I'm currently just using stock hsf right now hence I have the case side off and a 20" house fan at low setting blowing air over the mobo and cpu. Looking to get a silverado if I can find anone that'll ship to Japan.... :o(


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  7. I would be packing if it was over 60c but anyway the fsb is
    150mhz nd the cpu fan is standard intel .Still I cant get
    the cpu higher than 960mhz without you know what.Dare i say the athlon could be my next buy ...................
  8. How's an aircooled(fop38)1200@1460, 29Cidle(websurfing)-44C full load sound?

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  9. Sounds like a kick a$$ machine !! How many FPS on Quake 111

    do you get ???
  10. p3's and athlons seem to run around the same temperatures really, from what i've seen


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  11. I'm happy as chit w/ it! I can do everything I want and more. You click... it's there!

    640x480= 179.7 D1, 177.5 D2
    1024x768 ALL HQ= 112.2 D1, 117.7 D2

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  12. Although the demos won't work since I upgraded to the Q3 1.27g&h! Hmmmmmmm. All their site says is that you have to type it in the console- which I AM!!! WTF???

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    -AMD 1470Mhz-Abit KT7A-Raid-256Mushrev3-Fop38
  13. My Abit KT7-raid w/ TBird 700@850 (GlobalWin FOP-32) runs at 29 to 40C MAX in Win98. In Win2000, it runs much cooler from 26 to 33C MAX.
  14. some of these temps sound really cool, like the onces that give below 40c under full load. i think that these motherboards (especially the abit kt7's) have problems with the position of the temperature probes, most arent close enough to the processor to give accurate readings

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  15. my little 550e @814 148 fsb runs 29-32 idle 48 -52 full load, like hosting a 6 player lan game.and i play at 1280x1024 max detail. this is with a coolermaster with 26cfm sunon fan. a lot of it has to do with case cooling.
  16. Q 111 Arena scores 1280x1024x32 = d1 59.6 fps

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  17. Actually the temp probe for the Abit is pritty accurate. I have a seperate monitor attached to the heatsink and is 8C hotter in the core at max and 2C hotter at idle.

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