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Battlefield 3 Online code WTF

Ok im not gonna lie i fricking hate EA right about now. :fou: :fou: :fou:
I just paid for battlefield 3 ( with my own non birthday money ) on my birthday and i go to play it and\ it says code invalid or some Bulls*it. (another note its preowned) I call EA and they tell me to chuck up another Freaking 10$ to pay for an ONLINE PASS THAT SHOULD HAVE CAME WITH THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE just because i paid for it preowned :pfff: . I am 15 years old and i worked my ass off for this game doing odd jobs around the house and Lawn work around the neighborhood. i spent atleast 32 hours working on stuff just for this damn game and now i have to go and get more money for a game that i thought i was going to get on my BDAY? :fou: All i am asking for is a reward for my hard work that i had to pay for with my own blood sweat and tears ( all three literally meant ) and EA is worried about another 10 dollars from some kid. Does anyone know where you can get a Code free because it is bulls--t that i have to go through all this s--t to pay for a basic component of a game after i just paid for the game? :cry:
To make everything worse I CANT EVEN PLAY THE GODDAMN CAMPAIGN :heink: :ouch:
Every time i start it up it just sits there and loops till god knows when. Wow does this company really scuk that bad?
$55 Well spent Dont ever buy Bf3 preowned. :non:
And i thought MW3 was terrible :lol:
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    Asking for codes is a violation on these forums.

    Most all online games are moving toward the "online pass". This will all but wreck the used game industry. The online pass is only valid once. If the original purchaser of the game uses this code, only he can use the disk to play online. New online passes can be purchased for $10 as you found out. In this case, you should have purchased the game new or the game price + online pass price should be less than purchasing the game new.

    I know saving up for something like this and then finding out you can't play sucks, but on the plus side you will have gained some real world experience and learned the value of the dollar.
  2. This happened to me aswell!!!!!
    i asked for a refund t get a game with a valid pass but they claimed that it says on the box that if you buy pre owned your risking this yourself ( which there was no such warning, also the preowned game was only 7 pound cheaper so now i have to buy a pass i might aswell have got a new game for less!!!!!!

    i havent played it because why should i play campain its s**t i looked for passes and you can go on various sites claiming they can get you one but it involves downloading stuff onto my laptop which doesnt seem legit, so i am just stuck with a battlefield 3 collecting dust on the shelf staring at me with an expression of "haha you could be playing me right now but you aint got a pass ahahaha"

    IM furious!
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