Can anyone verify this?(Batman Arkham City DX11 Fix)

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  1. it seems like it works judging by the replies on that site but i will give it a look when i can install it later today.
  2. Please post you results here.When I tried it,the DX11-only fix worked (stuttering was reduced :) ) but when I tried to disable the FPS cap,I get a 'Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered'. Will it work on a different system,that's what I want to know. :)
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    yes it works i get 45-61fps max settings fxaa high... on my sig system...
    my card doesnt support physx but everything else is maxed out...
    just be sure to make sure your settings are correct b4 you choose to read only the engine.ini file.
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  5. Yippee!!! :D
    And by the way,I am unable to select your answer as best answer.The option comes up but the page doesn't load.Guess it's a network error.Will do it in an hour or so.
    Thanks a lot!!! :D
    EDIT: done!
  6. lol dont worry about it...
  7. By the way,HEXiT,whats the difference between MSAA and FXAA in Batman Arkham City?Am getting lower framerates with FXAA high and higher with 2xMSAA.I read somewhere that MSAA is more taxing???
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