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Hi all, i just got some heatsink compound, but i'm not sure about where to put it. I'm running a duron cpu, do you put it on everythink except the core? [the core's the metal bit int the middle right?] i'm not all that sure i've bought the right stuff, it say's on the tube "used for diodes, transistors and rectifiers.
High voltage connections.
Maintains positive heat sink seal.
o yeah and it say's it's "silicone heat sink compound"
Is this the right stuff?
Thanx in advance
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  1. With all gels/compounds, the general rule is assume it's conductive. Your compound conducts electricity as well as heat. That means don't get any on metal, or metal connectors. The core is the little ceramic thing in the middle, usually black. If everything is nice and flat, you'll only need a miniscule amount. I recommend .5mm, but probably only use .1mm myself. Slap it on, Slap on the heatsink, Slap on the Clip, and Slap on the power.
  2. The arctic silver folks have a pretty good web page on how to apply thermal paste. Of course they are talking about their product, but their instructions hold true for pretty much any thermal paste.

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  3. Yeah, sounds like the right stuff. I personally wouldn't use anything but arctic silver, but whatever. Dont't get it on ANY of those Lx bridges, or you'll get trouble. Use a razorblade to pur it on the cermaic part. Do it well, and you won't have to clip on your hsf again. Just use a little amount, and don't use your finger to spread it. As per the Arctic Silver site, you'll get oil from your finger that willl reduce cooling potential. Do you know how to unlock your L1 bridges? Good Luck.

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  4. You want to apply it <b>to the core</b> and no other part of the CPU. You can also apply it to the part of the heatsink that will rest on the core. In both case put a very small dab on the spot and use a small flatedge to spread it out evenly. Don't use a cloth. I use a razor blade. I heard someone else mention a credit card or ATM card which sounds like a more manageable "tool". Try to get a thin, even film over both surfaces. Keep in mind if you use too much the excess is just going to squeeze out.
  5. Hey guys thanx for the help, i did it today can't say that it made much difference with my temp but i guess that'll teach me not to buy cheap junk.
    Thanx anyway
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