OC TBird without unlocking? 56C too hot?

I am a complete novice at OC, please bear with me.

I purchased an Asus A7V133 and Athlon TBird 1200C (266FSB). I set the multiplier to 9.0 and external freq to 133. The Asus Probe reports the CPU temp hovers around 56C using a standard CPU heatsink/fan plus two 80mm chassis fans.

I changed the multiplier to 9.5 and the BIOS and WCPUID both report the CPU is running at 1266, but Asus Probe still reports the CPU temp hovering at 56C. Is my CPU really running at 1266? I didn't unlock it. I don't even know what unlocking is. Can I change the TBird multipler without unlocking?

I tried changing the external freq to 140, but the system wouldn't post. Can the external freq be changed without unlocking the CPU? When/why should vcore be changed?

Is 56C too hot? Should I replace the heatsink and fan?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Well,

    You cannot change your multiplier without unlocking but you can change your FSB (as you have found).

    I _think_ in this case that your bios is reporting your cpu speed inaccurately.

    Is 56 degrees under load or at rest? Whatever it is, it's really too high. A TBird 1200 is going to take some monster cooling to use and o/c healthily. 56 degrees I'd expect you to have some instability and lower you chip life. Spend the bucks on a good cooler (check the reviews ion THG for this).

    Esp if your cpu is running 56 degrees by just booting up (no apps) - don't fire up seti!!!!

    Get you TBird cooler - it'll sing for you if you do - esp. that Asus/C combo.


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  2. If you can change the multiplier then your Tbird is already unlocked.

    I think you will need better CPU cooling to overclock any further and yes, you may need to raise the core voltage.
  3. As far as I have heard and experienced many or all of the 266FSB's are unlocked=not cut by AMD. I had a 1.2 "b" and it was unlocked and my new 1.2/266 was also unlocked. I have seen reviews at several sites saying the same. I could assume then that at least the 1.2's are unlocked.

    By the way, no diff between the "b" and "c" in any benches or temps I have run.

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  4. Oh and get yourself a better fan. I have the Globalwin FOP38 and mine is runs at 1460-1470 and any combo of FSB lower at no more than 44C at load.

    Also get Sisoft Sandra and start keeping data. I found 10x133/33 +11 to +13 runs the best marks (host clock) the dram. Also found great scores with 12.5x 100/33 (host+pci)+12 (156ramfsb). 9.5x133/33 +16 (host)kicks ass also.

    Start playing and remember, GET A GOOD FAN AND GOOD RAM!

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    -AMD 1470Mhz-Abit KT7A-Raid-256Mushrev3-Fop38
  5. I can't get SiSoft Sandra to run under Windows 2000, even the new release 2001se 7.50.

    Have you used WCPUID? If not, try it out, compare what it says to Sandra, let me know if it's telling the truth. http://www.h-oda.com/

    Temp Test: I turned on Performance Monitor to watch CPU use %, turned on history in Asus Probe, and let Serious Sam run in demo mode for two hours. Performance Monitor shows during those two hours the CPU averaged 90% use. Asus Probe shows during those two hours the temp went from 56C (passive) to 58C maximum.

    Those results seem odd to me. Odd as in too small temp difference. Perhaps there is a greater then 10% difference between running SETI at 100% and a 3D game at 90% because of how SETI is using the CPU?
  6. If you put your 56C chip and your same heat sink on an abit board it the temp will read around 45C. People who compair the temps on the two boards need to quit. They read very differently.

  7. Doh! I started checking the Asus Probe reported temp against the bios reported temp and the Probe temp is always 9C to 11C higher. Probe must inflate the temp, probably on purpose to encourage caution. Basically, don't trust what Asus Probe says!

    I checked, and I have a GlobalWin fan, not sure which model.

    Here is what WCPUID is reporting. I did not unlock my processor, all I did was change the multiplier from 9.0 to 10.5. I don't trust these results because I am not seeing the temps raise after overclocking even when the CPU is under stress. Does anyone know if WCPUID can be trusted?

    [ WCPUID Version 3.0 (c) 1996-2001 By H.Oda! ]
    Processor #1 : AMD Athlon (Model 4) / 8681A1E7
    Platform : Socket A (PGA462 Socket)
    Vendor String : AuthenticAMD
    CPU Type : Original OEM Processor (0)
    Family : 6 (7)
    Model : 4 (4)
    Stepping ID : 2 (2)
    Name String : AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
    Internal Clock : 1410.19 MHz
    System Bus : 268.61 MHz DDR
    System Clock : 134.30 MHz
    Multiplier : 10.5
    L1 I-Cache : 64K Byte
    L1 D-Cache : 64K Byte
    L2 Cache : 256K Byte
    L2 Speed : 1410.19 MHz (Full)
    Memory Size : 256M Byte
    Memory Clock : 134.30 MHz
  8. wcpuid is very accurate,and as far as i know can not be faked. it was written so that overclockers could post and compare their results . it also has a code in the bottom right hand corner so that if you did a photo fake the writer ,H Oda could tell it was a faked score. the japanese are very serious about there overclocking.
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