Games .exe stop working

Hey guys, ever since I overclocked my Q6600, BF3, LoL, HoN and DotA2, keep closing and sending me the "whatever.exe stopped working" message.

Any ideas why is that happening? I tried making my Q6600 stock again and it continues to happen. I don't know if it's related or not.

Q6600 G0 @ 3.0GHZ
4GB DDR2 800mhz
nForce 680i
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  1. after you've overclocked did you stress tests while monitoring your temp?

    reset to stocks and check your temps in games.

    if nothing raises any flags there, I'd try reinstalling your games.

    anything else you've overclocked on your system besides CPU?
  2. I did stress test using Prime95, 70~72°C max.

    I tried repairing these games instalation (BF3 had a full reinstallation).

    Nothing besides the CPU is overclocked.

    Thanks for the answer
  3. so you've pretty much hit the maximum rated temp on the CPU, so it's most likely downclocking to prevent damage or the damage has already been done which is why your apps are crashing (remote possibility, I doubt their Tjunction is that low, but since they don't give it in specs, I cannot say for sure)
  4. TJ is 100°C.

    The thing is, AntiZig, is that I downclocked it and it is still crashing, but nothing crashes (nor BSOD) while running Prime95 or any other stress tests.

    Also, the mentioned 70°C is while running Prime, not games.
  5. if your @100'c no matter if its idle or load is bad. it means your cooling isnt working. and is probably the reason why your crashing...
  6. when you overclocked, did you checked that PCIe clocks is still @100Hz? because not all GPUs can tolerate the PCIe clock being away from 100Hz...
  7. I never said it's reaching 100°C. It reaches 73°C max load with Prime95.

    I did not check the PCIe clocks, nor I know where I can find that. Any help?
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