Has anyone Overclocked a duel system ?

I wanted to know if anyone has overclocked a duel system in windows 2000 . If you have please let me know or give me a URL to go check it out . I was looking at the AMD-760MP . But there are alot of things I need to know before looking into getting this system . I hope anyone out there can help me out a little .. I don't want to waste my money on a extra chip that would never be used :-)


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  1. Since I doubt 760MP boards exist outside of fairly tight beta test programmers the answer to o/c'ing an smp AMD board is a little theoretical. The boards are likely to be early and prone to some stability issues so I guess most people concentrate on getting it to work as advertised first off...

    The key to o/c'ing a dual system will be symmetry - one or other of your components will hit a limit earlier that the other. If your cpu is the limit then you have increased your possibilites to try and find a fast, stable medium.

    If you need dual cpu, I'll bet you are not a gamer primarily - you have some serious apps running, so I am surpised that o/c is an issue for you - surely you want rock-solid performance?

    If you want the second cpu because you think it will run Quake faster, think again my friend...

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  2. The main reason for this is to play games and to surf . nothing hard core . I also keep hearing bad storys about Windows2000 and games and nothing really supports SMP . I think I will stick with Windows 98 and wait to get a AMD 2000mhz when it comes out and by a vapochill and OC it .Then just get a Nvidia card . Whatever is the best at the time :) .. So I got time to see what happens :- ) . I want to play games at 1280-1024 at 32bit with 2x FSAA and get at least 100FPS .

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  3. If you are going to game then a 1.2/1.3 AMD a GeForce Ultra should be enough - but you might as well wait 2 months and get the 3... ;o)

    A good cooler will take an AMD to 1500 and I'm relatively sure you'll find that a good speed - it'd still bottleneck at an Ultra (see Tom's powerbox hitting vid card limits with any top system)...

    Happy surfin - and forget the dual cpu - I really don't think it's where you want to be going...

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  4. Hi, Aphexs.
    I'm new in this community and I need your help.
    How to post the question so that everyone in the community can read it?
    Your reply is much more appreciated. Thank a lot.
  5. First goto the boards Overview . Look at were you want to go . cpus/motherboards/whatever..

    Then click on one .. GOTO the top left you will see a little orange letter click on that and that will send you to the post for whatever you choose to post at :-)

    I hope that helps . I am new too :)
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