CPU bottle neck? FPS limited to 40 fps

In some games (I'll go make a list if you so desire) my FPS are limited to 35-40 fps and just wont go any higher regardless of graphics settings.

My current set up is:
CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1065t @ 3.76ghz
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V6 GT
Mobo: Asus M5A99x EVO
Ram: 8 Gigs RAM
PSU: Cooler Master Silent ProM 850
GPU:2xCrossfireX Asus 6850
Case: HAF 912
lots of air flow and temps are not an issue at all.

Is my CPU the bottle neck? This limitation happened in the same games even with a single 6790.
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?

    Disable V-Sync and then check your FPS again
  2. hello, FPS limiter might be part of the game by default (especially if it's a console port to PC)

    some programs impose fps limiters

    I doubt your CPU (3.7 Ghz is very nice OC) would bottle neck anything at that speed

    as others said, check that you don't have vsync or fps limiter enabled somewhere amongst the game settings, AMD control panel or other software you run during the games.
  3. I've tried vsync on and off via game settings and the ATI control center,

    And I'm playing at 1080p so it shouldn't be that taxing.
  4. some games? which 1s exactly? it sounds to me like you have supersample AA enabled . go into ccc panel /gaming/3d application settings. and click default.
  5. Everything in the CCC is set to default/allow program to control the settings.

    I'll go play with a bunch of games and let you know which titles specifically.
  6. make sure your using the latest 12.3 drivers download the whole package but leave the cap profiles. but b4 you install them use the uninstall custom function and remove everything concerning ati, then run ccleaners reg cleaner. reboot and install the latest drivers. again use custom install everything apart from hydravision.
    the 6850 is a little weaker than my 5870 so when you post your results il check em against mine if i have the same games...
    dont worry i have about 100 across a broad spectrum of genres...
    if possible use fraps and get the min/max and average with its benchmark tool... just set it to 30 seconds for a test...
    also dont start the test till the game has fully loaded the level your testing.
    so you dont get a minimum of 0 fps.

    if you have a sound card. disable the on board sound on the motherboard also disable the ati hd audio (you will have to install that with the drivers or windows will install it for you and that may cause an issue.
    just disable them dont uninstall them...
  7. I'm running 12.3 and i haven't updated my CAP in a some time, I'll do the fraps thing soon.

    I have an integrated sound card (into the mobo)

    I'm not some noob, so you can get more technical than "do a custom uninstall".
    (If you know of anything that might work)

    I'm running two 6850s in crossfire which is way more powerful than one 5870 in most games. Driver issues not withstanding.

    I've looked into custom configs and when utilizing them in games which support them nothing made a difference.

    Some of the games I'm having issues in are :
    world of tanks DX9
    rage dx9
    skyrim dx9
    sins of a solar empire (all versions / patches, after about 3 hours of game)
    Call of Pripyat dx 11/dx 10/ dx9
    Arma 2

    Additionally: Everything in the CCC is default; and I have toyed with all of those settings.
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