Guild wars 2 release date?

hello comrades,

I have been searching and haven't really found much. Does anyone know what month gw2 will release in?
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  1. It hasn't been announced yet. All we know for certain is it will be released this year.

    I'm predicting it will be released sometime between July and September, but again thats only my opinion.
  2. Unsure. I've read late June but as bacole mentioned it hasn't been announced. First open beta is this weekend :D I got in but sadly i'll be trying to play on my old PC unless I can get my new IB processor by Friday, which looks doubtful.
  3. Last thing I heard by the media is that GW2 may launch June 30 but there is no official release date yet. They haven’t done it and will determine the date after receiving a feedback from the betas
  4. june 30 would be nice, but i dont believe. its a bit like diablo3 they talk and talk but dont want to publish :)
  5. I am hoping it is sometime this summer.
  6. No release date announced yet anything dates floating around are just place holders, we will probably see a release date after the first or second beta weekend
  7. Yeah I hope they will give some clue after this beta event :)
  8. I'm hoping for a summer/fall time frame. The game is very well done and pretty ready for release.
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