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I have an HD pvr, which is supposed to be able to record in 720p and 1080i, and I record on my xbox 360. Although it is supposed to be able to record in good quality, I can only record in 480p, bad quality. Whenever I am on 720p and try to record with the arcsoft program that comes with the HD pvr, the recording program just freezes.

I need to record in better quality for my videos. Can someone help? Thanks.
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  1. I have a HD pvr and I have not had many problems with mine. I would check if you have everything hooked up properly and then I would make sure your xbox 360 is on 720p or 1080i just to be safe. If everything is hooked up right, then I would would just reinstall the software. I have had a couple times were mine wouldnt work properly.
  2. Well i already tried updating drivers and stuff. And everything is hooked up right because I can record just not in 720p or higher
  3. make? model? spec?
  4. connected over HDMI? or scart? or composite?

    Only HDMI will carry the HD signal (at least on some systems, like my blu-ray player for example).
  5. Well I know originally on my Xbox without the hd pvr I did not have an HDMI cable, but I'm not sure now since my stuff is all wired through the HD pvr. Also, I'm not good with specs, but my computer says Dell Precision M4400 if that helps? How do I find my specs?
  6. Just kidding, I have it.

    Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu
    T9550 @ 2.66GHz
    2.66GHz, 1.95 GB of RAM
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