I need help. I deleted some files from Mac computer.

I dont know much about Mac computer. I deleted some files from my brothers Mac computer thinking those are mine. I deleted them even from my trash. When i realized my mistake it was too late. Those files which i have deleted were my brothers office files. I really need help.
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  1. What is time machine. I am new to Mac and dont know much about it.
  2. Time machine is a program that backs up your data. If you didn't enable it (I'm guessing you didn't since you don't know what it is) then it did not backup your data.
  3. Do not you make a backup before? If you don't make any backup to the hard drive, you cannot find the lost files easily. In this case, you are supposed to try some third-party software to scan your trash and check that the data you deleted can be found or not. If the lost files can be scanned out by the software, you can recover those deleted files from Mac. If not, it may be lost and cannot get back.
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