How to plug Playstation 2 into computer monitor

I just found my PS2 in my storage locker. Haven't used it in 7 years since I don't like care for consoles. I do want to play Metal Gear Solid 2 again though which is a PS2 only game.

Do I need a special card to plug it in, or just an adapter? I don't have a TV so that's why I want to use it with my monitor.
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  1. thanks for the link. Skimmed through that thread but it's 6 years old. Do you think anything has changed since then lol.
  2. I suggest finding out the best input your monitor supports (DVI?, VGA?), then searching for "component video to DVI adapter" or "component video to VGA adapter". You will probably see that XCM box, lol.
    I have another suggestion. If you could scrape up $200.00 or so, you could buy a 23" HDTV which would support VGA and component video out of the box.
  3. you need very specific hardware. the monitor has to accept component y sync/rgb input via the ps2s standard 3 plug lead. the monitor must also be able to handle 640/480 rez and 30mhz input... most of todays hd lcd/led monitors wont work as they are often only 59hz-60mhz which is out of range for the ps2.
    older crt monitors are more likely to accept the input than newer 1s...
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