Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 Arcade???

Hi everybody i m wondering what is better an xbox 360 arcade or a Wii. I wont be going online at all and i wont do other stuff on console besides gaming.
Which of those is more reliable, i heard wii is the most reliable of the new gen consoles and the xbox is most unreliable, is that true?

I will be using a small SDTV currently but will change to a HDTV in a couple of months.

Also i don't need fancy graphics that much and i wont be playing much of shooters (the worst genre by my opinion and) but i love rpg games (not jrpg or any anime style games), adventure games and some platforming games.
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  1. Xbox 360 without a doubt, unless you are like 8 years old! The Wii console is completely outdated in every way. The older models of xbox 360 (before the new slim version) did have problems, but that is history now. The console has been re-done and is now free of problems. Microsoft has done a fantastic job with the xbox GUI and my opinion is that the 360 offers a better gaming experience than all other game consoles. It also has the best gamepads which is vital for good gaming!
  2. Im still undecided, wii has awesome exclusives like super smash bors. brawl and mario kart wii which blows any other racing or fighting games away by my opinion and Legend of Zelda games. Xbox exclusives are trash (also my opinion) but il get awesome multiplat games like Skyrim, The Witcher 2, Dark Souls, Trine 2 etc. I dunno about gamepads, the motion stuff seems cool .
    Also i wont buy the slim version if i get an xbox, il get an Xbox 360 Arcade with 512 mb memory Jasper (65 nm gpu and cpu).
  3. Out of those two, the wii. That said, it is only due to it being the 'arcade' version, which is not great in terms of what you can do with it. The lack of harddrive, with some games that require the game to be installed for performance reasons, makes it less than ideal, even at the cheaper price. Not to mention some games that almost require patches to play properly. In the end, you always end up spending more than you were expecting for things like memory cards and the such. You can format a decent sized usb, but that will only get you so far.

    The wii is great, in my opinion, but I never found it to be an equal to the other consoles. Comes down to the games you want to play, really.
  4. If you like to play games with motion sensors or like to play with 3 other friends then the Nintendo Wii is for you. If you are a person who like shooter games, plays alone and like to play online, then the Xbox 360 is the game for you.
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