A bit of a predicament - RE: Diablo 3

Hey guys,

Those of you who are diehard diablo fans will be aware that Diablo 3 will be released on May 15th.

Now, my problem is that I want to play Diablo 3 on its midnight release at 00:01 (and probably end up playing it for 48hours straight).

Blizzard have been very sneaky in their pricing, I am able to pick up a retail copy for £27 whereas the digital download is £45!

My question is, should I pre-order diablo for £27 in the hope that it will arrive a day early (when I pre-ordered cataclysm retail edition, it arrived 2 days early from amazon), or should I bite the bullet and cough up £45? And be safe in the knowledge that I will be able to fulfil my addiction asap
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  1. If your that hooked you will pay £18 extra to get in a few hours gameplay I dont think you need to be asking here but seeking help as you may have an issue.

    Or does the download come with any juicy extras that justify the extra cost? If not seriously go out get drunk and laid that night then get home have a greasy fry up to kill the hangover and just as the headache goes bingo your retail copy should have arrived.
  2. You can answer your own question since you are so addicted you would probley pay double and walk 10 K in a rain storm, wind blowing 65 kmh just to get that game. That is worse than being on drugs.

    Like I said you have already answered your own question, "DOWNLOAD"
  3. I love how Blizzard has cultivated a community where people think it's somehow legitimately worth almost twice the cost to experience something as noncompetitive as Diablo, 8 hours early. Lol
  4. There is an option to download, and then use the key from the physical copy, and then you have a key to distribute how you please. Bashiok posted over on the D3 forums saying you can contact Blizzard support to register the physical copy's key and then you they'll release the download key from your account.
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