How do i keep nic card active when not plugged in

I use software that requires the nic card physical address to be active. When I unplug my network card, it looses the nic card and will not give a license (License server is my local laptop). I can not even plug a dummy ethernet cable into the port to "fool" it.

I have looked thru other locations online and can not find a suitable fix.
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  1. Dose it have to be that nic card, your could install VMware and it installs 2 virtual nic that are active all of the time.
  2. Well, one solution that I have found is to have the license file for the software to be issued for the wireless network card. On my laptop, the wireless is always on, or perceived to be there, even when the ethernet is not plugged in. This fixed my problem as a permanent work-around. It does not answer the original question but works fine without more expense.
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