New gaming PC

Hello all!

Im coming back into the PC gaming market and am honestly SO out of date with hardware.

Im looking to spend R10,000 on a rig but have no idea what components to get. I know the bare basics but would be so grateful is anyone on the forums could help in putting together something for me.

I know its alot to ask but I really would appreciate it :)



Oh! Should have mentioned that Im a South African

Price restraint may make a little more sense now :P

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  1. Thats no problem because nowadays you can download everything online and start the game. like tribes ascend or league of legends :) so the place doenst matter.
  2. ^^ Wow watchout Becaues WatchOut is got in the bag nice put together. OP that is a nice gaming rig and very up to date and under budget. Good Job. Good luck to you OP.
  3. Thanks everyone! Will be shelling out for the rig some time in the very near future :)
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