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Hey all,

I am planning on getting D3 hopefully vey shortly after its release next month. I've decided to try and recruit some friends from toms. I think if you belong to this forum you and I will already get along :)

Let me know if you want to game D3 with me, I'm an 8 year D2 vet so I'm a reliable person.
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  1. I'm a 9 year diablo 2 vet, though I haven't played 2 for a while.

    I already have the game pre-purchased and will be playing the day it comes out all day. I too have been looking for people to play with who are friendly and willing to actually play the game. My first goal is to level up my main character the Demon Hunter. I like to explore entire maps and make sure I clear out every dungeon before moving on, as well as item farm to make my character stronger. My second goal is to make her strong enough to bring her into harder game modes and find better items. I don't mind trading items to people who need them as long as there willing to do the same for my character.

    If your interested, repost with some contact info
  2. never played d2 but do plan to play d3 casually. if you want pm me, and exchange info when game releases
  3. I first read "I'm an 8 year old"...
  4. I am playing D3 with few friends, all experienced d2 players. Looking for active reliable players.
  5. Hey guys, getting back at this topic.. i'm installing D3 as I write this. Anyone know if you will be using bnet accounts to add friends or ingame account names?
  6. You add friends in game with either their e-mail address or Battlenet ID.. which is "[Name]#xxxx" (x can be any number).
  7. Figured that out last night, played til three in the morning :0.
    Lvl 12 so far
  8. whats up guys i have a lvl 15 barb on D3 and used to play d2 religiously. add me #kidobscure. i just started act II and will be on later today around 6:30 EST. ive found tons of great monk & demon hunter items.
  9. You can add me, robertris2@gmail.com
  10. cool man, my name is kevin btw. cant wait to get through act II and maybe even III when i get off work lmao.
  11. Names robert. I'm still in act I, right after cain dies and forges the sword. How much do I have to go before act II?
  12. You don't have too much left to do. Have you rescued the stranger yet?
  13. Yup, done that already. I must be very close
  14. Yup then you're about to get into Act II! I'm not too worried about rare/unique drops atm cause that will come when we reach inferno difficulty. I read we should be leveling our blacksmiths and artisians.
  15. I've been gold piling and I have leveled the black smith up, not the artisan. Do you know what the max level is?
  16. Nope not right now. I know that the blacksmith can break down blue items and can give you crafting materials. These crafting materials have rarity to them and I believe that they will be similar to the Stone of Jordans for D2 as "currency" that is used to trade items. D3 also put a big emphasis on gems this time around. I can't predict how important these gems will be in D3 but instead of the 5 tiers of gems in d2, i read somewhere there are like 14 gem tiers in d3 and it will take 3 gems of 1 tier to produce 1 gem a tier higher making the top tiered gems super rare/valuable.
  17. Hmm, so artisans interact with gems? I haven't seen an artisan yet. I'm looking forward to seeing this game develop just like I did with d2. So far I have 3 rare (yellow) items, and a few blues.
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