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I have not been able to load quicken 2000 onto my new PC running windows 7. I would prefer not to have to upgrade. can anyone help please?

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  1. That program is a long time out of date, you could try compatability mode. Realisticly you need to update if you want to keep using Quicken.
  2. Probably a bit late for the original poster but this may help others in a similar position.
    Intuit has left the UK so I did not have the option to upgrade.

    I did manage to get Quicken 2000 to install and run on Windows 7 64 bit.

    Browse your Quicken 2000 disc and locate the Win95 folder.
    Expand and locate the Setup Application as opposed to the dll or cfg setup.
    Open the folder and Quicken will then install. If you use the custom installation you can install to other than C.

    When installed and after the reboot, open Quicken. If the ledger is not displayed correctly, minimise to the taskbar and then open again and it will display correctly. Import your backup file if you have one.
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