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I have a very specific problem that I have been unable to figure out. When playing games, I run fine 99 percent of the time. Once every 20 mins or so(random time) I receive the consecutive stutters on both audio and video with a second gap between them. However my pc is still running just fine at the time the stutters happen as I had task manager and heat monitors open while playing the game and I can even watch videos while games stutter. My temps are fine, no processes are spiking, no viruses, and have had 0 luck in my many searches to fix this. I can post dxdiag if needed. Thanks for the help.
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  1. What are specs of your PC? What kind of display, monitor or HDTV? Is there a specific game u are having the problem with?
  2. Core i7, 4 gigs of ram, radeon hd 4870, 1gigwatt power supply, asus mobo, 1gig 5400 rpm sata hd. HDTV display, has prob on lcd monitor as well. All games have the problem, but LoL fixed this problem with patch that fixed the fps issue. However the audo now has massive issues, but it no longer frame skips during this time.
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