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  1. noooooooooooooooooooooo

    I find it very hard to believe that the game is toast, it has such a huge following some one like EA/THQ *shudders* will pick up the title.

    It would be the one EA/THQ game I'd actually buy.
  2. THQ is battling bankruptcy actually. Not too likely they'll be picking up a franchise like Stalker. They need something that is even more of a lock than it.
  3. My point was that another major studio will pick it up and charge gamers outrageous amounts and totally bastardize the game to make money.
  4. Well, since they were planning to reinvent Stalker as an MMO, it's safe to say that its mother-studio was intent on bastardizing it as much as anyone else. Consider it a blessing that the project is canned for now. At least you won't have to put it down like Ole Yeller later.
  5. yay piracy claims another victem !!!
  6. who mentioned piracy?
    greed perhaps, not being able to buy the rights to stalker from a bankrupt company who can do nothing with those rights as they are not longer in business? any cash for the rights is better than no cash, so sell the damm rights.
  7. marquis said:
    yay piracy claims another victem !!!

    gtfo EA fanboy.

    On a happy note, maybe someone will eventually be able to buy it, a small studio, or a good non EA owned/controlled Dev.
  8. nocturnal7x said:
    gtfo EA fanboy.

    On a happy note, maybe someone will eventually be able to buy it, a small studio, or a good non EA owned/controlled Dev.

    Your post doesn't sound any more informed than his. Welcome to the world of video game development, where IP isn't handed over just because a small group of people piss and moan really loud. There are games that are over two decades defunct and still have their engines and IP vehemently protected. You're fooling yourself if you thought the Stalker rights would change hands. The only people for whom it is really a shame is the Stalker development team who exemplify real dedication to their craft, and who will go on to other great things because of it I have no doubt.
  9. Didn't STALKER 2 get cancelled twice already?
    If the game never gets made it will be a massive loss to PC gamers. The series have such a good following as well as a whole host of spin offs and fan made content.
  10. im a long time fan of the game and own all 3 in the franchise. the game is even better when you play it in reverse order and because of the complete mod you dont really notice that the gfx on the first aint as good as the last. if you have the games get the mods...
    im disappointed that stalker 2 has been canned but hopefully it will just be on hold till the recession subsides. maybe it will get picked up in 2013/2014
  11. give this a look if you like stalker... its just an info page so far but sounds promising.
  12. Yeah, they're working on a F2P MMOFPS. Unfortunately, I'm not to excited about an MMOization of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I would see this as moving the entire dynamic of the game into a far more adolescent direction.....but who knows. I'm sure I'll play it when it releases and reserve (most) judgement until then.
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