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I've finally bought my ThunderBird 1.1Ghz, unfortunatly the place were i buy them is out of C-types so i temporarly bought a B-type (i can change it later).

I've done the pencil trick and with just one shot at it I sucessfully unlocked the multiplier in all ways (it raises, it lowers and also does half-speeds), i guess i'm lucky (or good)! :)

Now i haven't done any readings on the temperature of the processor in anything but 1100@100Mhz, but it can do 1130@133Mhz and 1210@133Mhz without crashing.

But unfortunatly the HS+Fan that i wanted is out of stock at shop and the best one they had was a el-cheapo hs+fan for the Tbird900. It's made of alluminium and has a Pent-Alpha fan on it and it's rather small (expecially if you look at the FOPs or the Swiftechs). I still haven't bothered to try to find termal paste (over here it's a bit hard), so the hs+fan came with a soft pink goo plaque on its surface with the processor and that it is for now.

The heatsink+fan is also temporarly, i'll buy a decent one when it's available (i'm not into ordering abroad a mega-

The mobo is a Asus A7V133 with a CL TnT2Ultra and i have a big-tower with a medium fan in lower-front of the case pulling air in and a small cooler master fan in a grid behind the processor in the back of the case pulling air out. I also have a medium fan in upper-back of the case pulling air out and a 5 1/4 bay cooler with two small fans pulling air in (for the Medialist PRO 9.1Gb 7200RPM it can get a bit hot). Needless to say but the power supply drains air in from the processor and dumps it out in middle back of the case.

This is all very pretty, but my case is completly open now, so the air flow is completly ruined :) (i'm such a slacker)

Now for the ratings, the temperature when i'm in windows98 working goes about 57ºC and when i'm playing games 62ºC.

I reckon they're a bit high, but considering the mediocre cooler+fan and not using thermal paste, should I be worring with these values? I mean the sistem is utterly stable but still i think the temperature's a bit high.
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  1. at those temps you shouldn't expect the cpu to last too long, also, if you are exchanging it later I'm sure the place you got it from doesn't want you to have tampered with it.
  2. The only tamper i did was using a pencil lead to unlock it, that can be undone easly.

    They were out of powerfull coolers, but they said i should be fine with this one for a while. You don't know how hard it is to get a good cooler around here (Portugal).

    Anyways i've now closed the case to see if the airflow from the front vent to the back vent behind the processor helps. Well it doesn't, now i'm at 61ºC when i'm in Windows.

    God damm it, what should i do, i'm allready working with the processor on it's default speed (11x100Mhz) and the temperature readings are SO high. What really bugs me is that when i had my good old P2/333 when the temperature was high, windows crashed and performed erradicly, but with the TB1100Mhz i've been at least a day long with the computer on in windows and playing 3 to 4hours straight NOLF or Alice without having any problems at all!!! I don't know AMD processors, but normally when a processor (or any chip) gets too hot the sistem usually malfunctions or crashes.

    Could it be the temperature readings are wrong? The ASUS A7V133 i have doesn't have the sensor close to the processor as i usually see on Tom's (you now, the blue diode like thing sticking out a bit of middle of ZIF socket), it's more like a surface-resistor and rather small and kindda far of the processor, though it's still in the middle of the ZIF socket!!

    Please i'm getting worried (and m_kelder, your not helping :) )
  3. Ok, in a attempt to lower the temperature, i've lowered the speed of the processor to 700Mhz (hey, i'm a serious underclocker :) )

    But it doesn't seem to be doing much good (perhaps lowering the voltage to 1.7v will do).
  4. Ok i tried the 1.7V and the system started to malfunction... i've reset the cpu back from 700Mhz/1.7V to default/default (1100Mhz/don't know) and it's stable again, appart from the temperature.

    In the BIOS, when i select the processor temperature item, there's a little sidenote on the instanthelp of Asus BIOS. It says that temperature readings should be higher then one taken directly with a temperature reader.

    The board is an Asus A7V133 Rev:1.05 with the BIOS (latest)
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