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The Walking Dead Steam Version Not Launching

Hey all, I bought The Walking Dead off of Steam last night and I still can't get it to launch. The screen does a bunch of wierd stuff, the flashes and says "could not initialize Direct3d." This is frustrating to say the least. Anyway, am I the only one? I tried compatibility mode. I tried copying System32 dll files. I tried Run As Admin. I tried checking every box in properties. I've ran both 32bit and 64 bit DXDIAG tests. I also updated all my drivers. I'm at a loss here.
Here is my system

Propus 3.0 quad cpu at 3.1 W/cooling
Radeon 6850
8G Gskill ram

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Have you verified the files? Right click on the game in the library -> properties -> verify files.
    If it finds files it needs keep running it until it comes back without any.
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    Make sure your drivers are up to date, and then for shoots and giggles download this and install. Even if you believe you already have the most recent direct x installed.
  3. Yeah, I've done all this stuff. I finally got it to work today after restarting 5 or 6 times in a row. I have it set to run admin, disable screen dis, and 98/me comp mode. For some reason it works now
  4. So if anyone is having this problem, please do what I did. It didn't work the first time so try and run it in the smallest window possible. There is an option for it in the properties when you right-click the 101launcher. But if you keep trying, I promise it will work. :pt1cable:
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  6. I have tried all of this, however i cant get Steam to verify the integrity of the game cache, it keeps stalling out and not doing anything, can someone help me figure this out.
  7. Thanks, it has worked.
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