Upgrade or dump this AMD 5?

I've an older system that does everything I want except it's slow. Has an AMD 5 100mhz processor. 32mg RAM The mother board is a PT-2006 (don't know who makes it) The manual says "it combines the advanced capabilities of the Intel 82430VX PCIset." I'm only guessing that(chip set)is what is in there. The manual also says, '"can be easily updated using its 321-pin ZIF socket."
So, time to start all over and use this old system as "clean fill" or can I put a faster CPU in this thing?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. my advice is to dump the thing and get a whole new system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Basically, you'll want to start over from scratch. You can keep the monitor and printer, but you'd probably benefit from an upgrade on those too.
    You can get an thunderbird 850mhz for around $100, and in about a year upgrade that to a 1.5ghz for a little over $150. Or you can get a pentium 4 for $300, and upgrade the motherboard and processor in a year for at least $300.

    Either way, you'll have a good computer.
  3. do not get a pentium they are priced too hight and highley overrated even if AMD does overheat a little who cares

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  4. If you only have DIMM slots, it will be hard to get memory for your system as it takes a special kind. If it has 72-pin simm slots, these modules are easier to find. You can put a K6-2 400 in it if you select the lowest core voltage available (most would only go down to 2.8v core, the standard Pentium MMX voltage). 2x is interpreted as 6x by the K6-2 350-550MHz processors, so setting your system to 133 results in 400MHz. The 400 is supposed to be set at 2.2v core, 2.8v core works with a good CPU cooler. You will run cooler if you can set your voltage even lower.

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  5. Crashman, I've got my hands full trying to get my new Iwill/Athlon system going so I shouldn't even ask, but I can't help it.

    My old system is a Biostar TUC-8500 (430HX based) with a Pentium 200mmx. It's supposed to support the P233, but that's not enough to make a difference even if I could find one. It will do a 2.9V Vcore, but I think I read it has a crummy power supply on the board.

    If I could keep it cool, might this 2==6 trick work on this board? It has only the 66fsb and I've got 64mb EDO so I know it would be hog tied for memory access. It's not worth sinking much into it, but if I could make a K6-2 or better a K6-3 work in it, I might give it a go.

    If 2==6, what do 2.5 and 3.0 equal, fire?


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  6. 2=6 is the highest option. This is due to a pin-detection scheme I think. I just set up one of those boards, I believe it offered both 2.8v and 2.9v. I have never tried a K6-2 at 2.9v, but have experienced exellent reliability at 2.8v.

    Remember that the correct voltage is 2.2v, so the additional voltage will require good cooling. I have used a variety of oversized coolers, from an oversized Celeron cooler to the Intel PIII 933 OEM cooler. Even Athlon coolers will work. But with any cooler with a speciallized clip, a flat clip be substituted. Socket 7 has the same size frame as socket 370 and socket 462, so most will fit.

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  7. There may be some life in the old girl after all!



    the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know... :eek:
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