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I want to schedule a virus scan with The Shield Deluxe antivirus program. The problem is, I want to schedule it while I am not using the computer and make it awake from hibernation or sleep (whichever works) on its own. It doesn't do that to my knowledge. I can schedule a scan through the Windows task scheduler, but it doesn't start the scan without someone manually starting it or scheduling the scan through the antivirus program. I could just schedule it through windows to open the antivirus program and let the antivirus program start the scan by itself, but it's not necessary. I wish that I could just schedule the computer to wake from sleep without needing to open a program, just make it wake up and nothing else. My guess is scheduling windows to open the antivirus program (windows won't start the scan is what I was saying before) or just opening a notepad for that matter is the only really effective way to do this. Am I correct? Also, if a scan runs for 2 hours without any more activity on the computer, and the computer is scheduled to sleep if there is no activity for 15 minutes, doesn't everyone's computer sleep before the scan is finished? I found someone that could tell me to manipulate the registry to make it sleep after 120 minutes even if there is activity in that time happening and therefore make it sleep after and not before the scan is finished, granted that the scan doesn't take longer than 2 hours to complete. Tweaking the registry didn't work for me, but maybe the scan was taking longer than 2 hours to complete. Is there a fix for this in Windows 7, or am I just not understanding something?
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  1. Power Options> Edit plan settings> Change advanced power settings>Sleep> Allow wake timers >enable.

    Try that, if not done already.
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