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While playing BF3 the sound just stops... The FIX - 2 things to check providing all of your drivers, etc. are up to date and it was working fine. 1) If you are also using Teamspeak while playing BF3, in Teamspeak go to "Settings \ Pugins and UN-check Volume Control"... Done... this should FIX it. If it does NOT... Still LEAVE it UN-checked. 2) Now go to the Windows Volume Control on the task bar (lower right hand corner of your screen, right click and Open Volume Mixer. Go to the right side and Stretch the volume control out to the right because some of the things it controls might not be showing. Adjust your volumes there. DONE... Now everything should work fine. Hope this Helps and Good Luck... :bounce:
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  1. load the game and start a map. then alt-tab out of the game and open your task bar and left click on the speaker icon. where you see the word mixer click on it and it should open. if bf3 is running then the bf3 audio will be there and set to either mute or down to 1-2db... turn it up to 18 or more if you need it...
    1s done alt tab back to the game...

    yeah i had the same issue myself...
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