Tbird/ Duron Temp &VCORE poll

Just kind of a little poll, what VCORE (core voltage) are you overclocking Tbird owners running. Also, what kind of cooling do you have and whats your idle/ full load temps? I hope this can kind of be a "go-to" post for anyone with temperature and voltage questions. Ill post mine as soon as I get done tweaking my overclocking.

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  1. 1.85v Core
    133x9 = 1200mhz
    Idle: 33.4 C (right now)
    Load: 35-36 C
  2. 1.93 Vcore (reported)
    TBird 800@1008 9x112 (KT7)
    Swiftech MC462
    idle 26C
    load 38C

    KT7, TBird 800@1008, 9x112
    Swiftech MC462
  3. well i after applying my Artic Silver 2 (what an experience, brought my temps down about 8c!!!!) and playing around with my overclocked settings (on 800 tbird), i found the highest stable speed to be 997.5mhz (9.5 x 1005)!!!! I am just 2.5mhz from having a gig, the magic 4 digit number, DARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

    VCORE: 1.85v
    Cooling: GlobalWin FOP 32-1 (lapped) w/ Artic Silver 2
    Idle Temp: around 40
    Load Temp: around 45

    a question for you guys: how the hell do you have so low of temps? i have a damn good cooling system yet im about 10c higher than you, anyone have any ideas?

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  4. The only consistant (precise) way to measure temps is with an external probe. Every motherboard is different, and like 'Asus Probe', some do a little interpretation of the actual temperature for you so you get a more 'accurate' reading of the processor.

    A comp-u-nurse works well, if you can get it close to the cpu without crushing the thermistor.
  5. AMD Thunderbird-B 1100Mhz (10x100) @ 1133Mhz (7,5x151)
    VCore: Default (1,7 or 1,75 i think)
    Board: Asus A7V133
    Temp: 47ºC idle / 52ºC load [yeah, with Crappy HSF(tm)]

    But also 12,5x100 (1250Mhz) works well too, i just prefer FSB OC rather then regular processor OC
  6. Duron 700@933
    full load 39c
    vcore 1.75
    msi kt7 turbo-r

  7. TB 850 on Asus A7V133a
    Taisol HSF
    1.85v Core
    133x7.5 = 1000mhz
    Idle: 58 or so (I'm always running SETI)
    Load: 58-61c

    I know that seems pretty high right? I posted in the forum a few weeks ago asking if anyone with the Asus A7V133a board was seeing such a high temp and I had a few replys from guys telling me that their temp was registering VERY high on that board. But on previous boards it was fine.

    Someone suggested that the temp monitor was positioned too close to the CPU but I haven't checked yet. My temp is still well within operating spec (80c is the max I think) and the machine is stable under 98/2k so I'm not too worried. But when I see the numbers posted here I can't help but feel a little nervous. Aside from getting some Arctic Silver anyone have some suggestions? The machine runs at 56c when the voltage is 1.70 so the O/C isn't pushing it up that much.

    Other factors: Appartment room temp = 74, Side of CPU case is always OFF, a bigger Fan for the HS is not possible (the machine sounds like Wind Tunnel as is and my Appartment is small). HS compound from RadioShack took the temp down about 0c. Sigh.

    Enjoy your cool CPUs and worry free lives....
  8. well, since youre always running seti, i would say that would bump up the tmep since your cpu is always cranking away calculations, but thats just my speculation
    as for my situation, all is not so well as i thought. my machine has started having memory errors (under w2k) a tell-tale sign that my overclock is unstable. right now im at 9.5x105 on an tbird 800 w/ A7V so im thinkin of bumpin the multiplier down to 9 and the fsb up just a tad if it will work. my vcore is still at 1.85 and my temps have risin with my case sides closed up to about 46 idle, not too bad but still not too great.

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  9. 2.13 (well i was before it screwed).

    right now:
    1.75, 6.5x140, PEP66t, idle 32C load 37C.

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  10. sandra, motherboard monitior and bios all rate my cpu 10 degrees C less than Asus Probe on A7V133! I was worried until I realised that Asus was outvoted. My CUV4X seems consistent with Asus probe and other software monitors though (same version).

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  11. Okay, I have:

    1333 Type C running 11x142 @1.85V = 1562Mhz
    Asus A7V133
    Swiftech 370-D w. generic thermal paste.

    Don't have an idle temp - always crunching seti, never power off.
    Load temp 48-50 degrees centigrade.

    I have a Fop38 and some Artic II in the mail and I'll see if it gets better.

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  12. I have a 1.2gig @ 1375
    temp 34c
  13. i have my 800 tbird stable at 8.5x105 and i am amazed at the difference the fsb makes. i used to run it 9.5x100 and now i get about 500 more 3d2001 marks than before. im gonna try 9x105 (my computer WILL NOT run with fsb above 105) and if i cant get taht runnin, im gonna try and lower my voltage. also, when i put my case side on, it raises my cpu temps by about 5 deg celcius!!

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  14. I've got a couple of them,

    #1 DURON 600 @ 1100MHz ASUS A7V 1.92V Global Win FOP32 + two case fans. 54/56C load

    #2 DURON 600 @ 1110MHz ASUS A7V133 1.92V Global Win FOP32 + four case fans. 49/53C load

    I've read that the ASUS Probe reads temps as much as 10C higher than actual. Mine are running rock solid, I watch the temps more for an unexpected rise in the readings than the readings themselves.

    1.11G DURON air cooled!
  15. well i downloaded sandra just to do some checking (hehe, i have wcpuid, sandra, and asus probe all running right now) and ive found that asus probe v. 2.12.07 on my Asus A7V 1007 reports the exact same temps as BOTH my bios and sandra. it also reports the correct fan rpms and core voltage.
    I just bumped up to 9x105 and im at 41 deg C without my case on, not bad. Another weird thing i have noticed is that my voltages are always 0.4V higher than they should be by the jumper, so my max voltage WITHOUT the voltage mod is 1.89V, kinda interesting i think.

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  16. Well according to SANDRA I've hit 1.96v, heh... so who knows.
  17. There's one thing to keep in mind when using any onboard monitor, that's the placement of the probe, which can vary readings quite a bit. The ASUS boards are notorious for high readings, as much as 10C, the SANDRA readings also come off that same probe.

    1.11G DURON air cooled!
  18. 10C too high? thats seems like a lot. what causes this, probe TOO CLOSE to the chip? how can it return data higher than the actual chip is?

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  19. I never gave that much thought, but the general thinking out there is that the ASUS boards don't give accurate readings, it has been written that they are as much as 10C higher than actual. Mine have run as high as the low 60's with no problems, but I still reworked the cooling to bring it down to at least the mid 50's according to their probe.

    1.11G DURON air cooled!
  20. Athlon 900@1.01 GHz 9x112 fsb 1.81 vcore 41.9 C/107.4 F under load 3dfx little mofoho HSF As reported in Sandra

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  21. Asus A7Pro
    Thunderbird 850 @ 1000
    Lapped fop32 with second fan on the side
    Idle 47 (asus probe number so probly closer to 40)
    Load 53 aka. 45

  22. Abit KT7
    Duron 600 @1007
    Idle Temp=43, Load Temp=48
    I/O Voltage=3.44

    <b>How do I type the degree symbol for temperatures?</b>
  23. Athlon 800 @ 1000 (133 x 7.5)
    VCORE: 1.80
    Idle: 44 C
    Max Load: 48 C
    MB: Asus A7V133a
    Alpha 6035 w/ AS II

    It can go higher (just over 1100MHz), but I have to raise the VCORE to 1.85 and Idle goes to 47C.

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  24. ive never seen an air cooled 800 overclock that high before, what the hell did you do to it? i can only get my 800 to 997.5mhz on an A7V

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  25. 1.75v avia0109 1GHZ Core
    116x12.5 = 1450mhz
    Idle: 31-33 C (right now)
    Load: 40-45 C
    stressed: 55-57 C

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=1045" target="_new">My Gaming Rigs</A><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Dravic on 04/02/01 01:54 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  26. Duron 800@981
    27c idle
    39c max
    Fop 32

    May Fortune Favor The Foolish
  27. AMD TBIRD 700@850
    VCORE: 1.800V
    Temp Idle: 37C
    Load: 41C

    can do 900 with VCORE at 1.85 and I/O at 3.5V. A little unstable though. :( Temps are the same.

    Can Anyone tell me what kind of effects increasing the I/O Voltage generally has?

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  28. Although it's not a tbird, my duron 800@807 (don't know how that happened), runs at 38 idle and 42 max. I have a fop38 on and I should get some arctic silver II in soon. My vcore I think is 1.665 (not exactly sure about this).

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  29. I'm Getting 47-50 on idle w/my tbird 1 ghz 266fsb(asus probe) not overclocked at all. 2 questions..
    1. should I even try over clocking(if so what should I use for correct temps)
    2. is that Swiftec loud or not

    asus a7a266
    128 pc2100 ddr
    Aureal sq2500
    matrox g450
  30. I noticed one piece of equipment that I think is crucial to good temps and overclocking.... your case.

    Running an Antec SX830 workstation case
    4 antec 80mm case fans
    Alpha Pal-6035 heatsink
    Black label Delta fan blowing into the heatsink
    2 intake fans in back, 2 exhaust in front
    1ghz 'C' Athlon AXIA 0109 Y at 1314 145x9 at 1.75v
    idle temps are 28-30C
    load temps are 38-41C
  31. tbird900@1120 8x140 voltage 1.77
    fop32hsf temps anywhere between 24c/42c load
    will do 1150 but needs voltage at 1.85 and temps get to high40s..have delta fan coming this week 2 80mm fans blowing on hsf and one in front and one in rear.
  32. Update,

    AXIA 1.33C running 1573Mhz (11x143) @ 1.9V indicated.

    With Swiftech 462 and Delta Fan never gets over 44 degrees C, usually 41-42 @ 100% load 24x7 (seti).

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  33. Is there a Vcore setting that is too low?

    I'm now running my gig at 1314 145x9

    funny thing, going from 1.75 - 1.70 didn't reduce my idle temps.
  34. no idea on that one...

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  35. MSI K7T Turbo R
    700 T-Bird(Socket A)(133x6.5) 866 @ 1.86v(Reported) actual 1.75
    Volcano II Hsf 36CFM
    Generic paste, haven't had time to buy Artic silver yet
    2x 80mm Case fans 30CFM
    Idle 40c
    Full load 45c
    Case temp 25c
    Motherboard temp 22c
    Med tower case four 5 1/2 bays 3 3.5 bays
    300 Watt PSU

    And he is right having good air flow in your case is very important, if U have a miny tower Get rid of it. That will cause 50% high temps.
  36. Duron 850 @980(143*7.0)
    VCore 1.65
    idle/load 39C/46C
    DP5-6H11, lapped w/ AS2
    Asus A7V133

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  37. Its odd, your 800 should do a gig easy, maybe you just got unlucky. I have noticed one glaring thing in these threads and that is the fact that many of you are running your voltage much higher than you should have to. This will most definatly result in higher temps.

    for instance:

    Duron 750@900 @ 1.725 volts
    Duron 750@850 @ 1.70 volts
    T-bird 850@1050 @ 1.75 volts
    T-birt 850@1000 @ 1.725 volts

    Those of you having problems reaching the promised land should first see what your Cpu is capable of by means of just playing with the voltage and multipier. When determining its limits, then proceed to play with FSB overclocking as well. This way you can tell if it is indeed your CPU, or something else like your memory timings causing your instabilities.
    Another little known fact is that every megaherts increase if FSB does not always neccesarily translate to increased performance. For instance, a FSB of 105 maybe faster than a FSB of 106. This has to do with the increments of "33" and its second level harmonics. I had a link to a sight that explained this much better, and I will try to find it.

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  38. TBIRD 1.33@1.63 (12x136)

    VCORE 1.85
    Full load 38C
    Idle 31C

    Full load 27C
    Idle 25C

    Room temprature 21C

    TBIRD 1.33@1.63
    Asus A7M266
    Elsa Geforce3
    Apacer 256MB DDR266
    Seagate X15
  39. OK, heres the skinny.
    HSTCLK=112Mhz (100Mhz Standard)

    Temp Idle=31 C
    Temp Load=38 C

    Yes, I'm the BOY who got Win98 to load in under 10 sec... ah....
  40. just enabled "disconnect enable When - STPGNT Dectected"
    in WPCredit register 52. Now my idle is now 35c instead of 40c
  41. I'm running
    Duron 600 @ 800
    Core volt: 1.5
    Idle Temp: 44C
    Load Temp: 52C

    ive taken her to 900 with higher CoreV but didn't like the temp readings i was getting
  42. 1ghz axia c - asus a7v133
    1400 = 10.5 x 133 - 1.75v - 47load 43 idle
    1333 = 10 x 133 - 1.65v - 45load 40 idle
    1200 = 9 x 133 - 1.60v - 43load 38 idle

    What a good chip...im very impressed with my purchase
    AT all those speeds things were rock solid with my fop 32 hsf with one 80mm intake and 80mm exhaust
  43. T-Bird 750 @ 800
    Fsb @ 216 mhz effective, 108 mhz

    Asus a7v so I think im running into the 10c hotter then usual thing, cuz i can TOUCH my heatsink with my hands.

    sometimes peaks at 60 C, but usually 50 - 55 C under full load. Depends on ambient temp.

    Core is at 1.7 volts std. multiplier 7.5.
    Sandra actually says my core voltage is about 1.78 right now. I think thats a bit high, but i have my moboard set to "AUTO" .

    I was wondering if you guys knew how to play with the multiplier? it never does anything when i mess with it. I also messed with the voltage. no change in anything. Im using jumperless setup on Asus A7v.

  44. hehehe, i think i have you all beat:

    tbird 1.2 oced to 1445
    idle: 10
    load w/ cpu warming proggy: 27
    case: 38

    duron (this one is the killer)
    idle: -2 :-p
    load w/ cpu warming proggy: 11
    case: 39

    i am watercooling with a swiftech 462 waterblock and a 156 watt tec.


  45. Duron 650@900mhz

    Idle 42c
    Full 47c

    Taisol HSF

    All 100% stable since Oct 2000
  46. new setup

    Duron 850@1130
    full load 43c
    vcore 1.85
    msi kt7 turbo-r
    60x60x60 solid coper home made (machined pep66 style) 26cfm fan

  47. 139x11 1540mhz
    1.33 axia
    1.7 vcore(stable as hell and cooler too, when I set it to 1.8 I get lockups, weird huh)

    36c idle 44-45c max load
    (28c ambient)

    thermoengine(delta) and 3 case fans.

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  48. <font color=blue>Hey Antipop
    <font color=black>
    a question for you guys: how the hell do you have so low of temps? i have a damn good cooling system yet im about 10c higher than you, anyone have any ideas?

    <font color=blue>What boad are you using? It's not just the proc and the cooling. Board, RAM, and whatcha got in the PCI (if your hitting that too) matters a lot as well.

    :cool: <i><font color=blue>on company time....</i>
  49. T/bird 850@1gig (133x7.5)
    KT7a with 384mb crucial pc133
    idle temp=37c
    load temp=46c
    system temp=27c

    Fullspizz People
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