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I just started playing Mass Effect 1 and I have a lot of vertical tearing when I play. I have the vertical synced turned on but that doesn't seem to make a difference. My FPS seem to stay around 62 when this occurs. I never have this problem in Mass Effect 2. Is there some setting or something that I need to change? Thanks.

I'm running this on a system with AMD FX-8120, 16GB RAM, and Radeon HD 6870.
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  1. Hi, I think you don't understand what you wrote there. vertical tearing is practically impossible unless you have your monitor turned 90 degrees.

    enable triple buffering in your video card options, also if you're using the hybrid crossfire option disable it
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I figured it out apparently when I reinstalled my AMD AHCI controller it installed an old version of catalyst. I updated that and now it works.

    sorry I thought that was the term for when the frames on display are not synchronized.
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    true, it's the correct term, but the adjective you used with it doesn't apply/make sense. Since monitors refresh typically from top down in rows, having a tear along a vertical line is impossible. If you wanted to characterize tearing properly it would be horizontal tearing, since the tear would actually be along a horizontal line. Point is since there's only one way to get this tearing you typically don't even mention that it's horizontal, since that is assumed.
  4. vertical tearing is unheard of in most cases unless you horizontal sync on the monitor is failing. vsync deals with horizontal tearing. hsync deals with the vertical sync of the monitor but isnt adjustable at the pc end only on the monitor itself.
    my guess is the guys a little confused as to what is what...
    also installing new gfx drivers with old ccc panels isnt a good idea. you will cause instability. if your running older hardware then install the correct driver and cc panel bundle...
    which for your system is currently 12.4
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