Tbird AXIA vs AVIA, 200 vs. 266?

Hello, I'm in the process of putting together a new system and I had a question about which CPU would be best. I've heard a lot about the overclockability of the AXIA Tbirds, but what about the AVIA? One of the sales reps from OCZ said they are even better than the AXIA. Does anyone have a second opinion?
Also, for price/value reasons I've settled on a 1ghz CPU.
Should I get the 200 or 266 mhz version. Is one more overclockable than the other? I know the answer should be crystal clear, but with my motherboard/memory combo, I should end up in the same place right? 150+fsb, 1.2-1.5+ clk speed. From what I've read this shouldn't be too big of a problem with my components. Any input would be appreciated, I'm really getting antsy to buy and get started.

Abit KT7a
256mb Crucial PC-150 222
350W Enermax PS
AIW Radeon
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  1. My T-Bird and A7V133 will not run over 142FSB and is only stable at 142. I'll try some PC133 memory I have that is proven to 148 and see if it is that. I think you'll be very lucky to get a t-bird to 150 without some phenominal cooling - and maybe not then.

    I have my system running 1562@142FSB for 48 hrs of seti no problem.


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  2. I have a TBird 1.1Ghz (200Mhz FSB), it's a AWA-something.

    It clocks VERY well (i mean 1 day with the computer on at least) at 1.225Ghz, but I haven't tried higher 'cause the HSF isn't that great.

    Anyway i have a Cas-3 256Mb PC133 DIMM from TwinMOS which is to fill in the gap since at the time i couldn't get PC150...

    But now i think i won't... the system won't boot at 155Mhz of FSB but with works VERY well at 153Mhz FSB, i mean at 8x153Mhz it doesn't crash at all, so the DIMM is PC133 but works like PC150 :)

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  3. what board are you using? If I could get mine to 150FSB.... but it won't post that speed at any multiplier, even stripped with proven RAM.

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  4. i've been reading that he axia are better, some 1Ghz run at 1.4

    i find that a little hard to believe, but makes me wanna try and get one :)

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  5. I have an Asus A7V133 Rev 1.05 with BIOS

    The Processor is a B-type Athlon 1.1Ghz and it's currently at 8 x 153Mhz (1224Mhz)

    The memory as i said is Cas-3 (not really "performant") 256Mb PC133 from TwinMOS

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  6. What significant BIOS settings did you need to change to get 150? I have tried with components I know run stably over 145 (obviously CPU and board untested elsewhere) and cannot get it run stably over 142FSB. Of course with a 1333C AXIA chip this does mean I'm running 1563Mhz. Maybe that is all I can expect? I tried cranking the multiplier down to test higher FSB to no avail either.


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  7. Absolutly nothing...

    Just as I said, 153Mhz FSB , 153Mhz DRAM, 8x multiplier, the vcore is at default and the SDRAM setting too!

    Look, it's true that the model and stepping of the Processor can help OC or not, but from the experience i have it's not that important!

    Anyway, 1.2 with 12x100 or 1.2 with 8x153 should be exactly the same for the processor! If your system doesn't BOOT with FSBs >133 then perhaps the DIMM can't handle it and/or you have a troublesome PCI/AGP card on your PC.

    I have these cards:
    AGP-Slot: Creative Labs TnT2Ultra
    PCI-1: Tekram DC390F
    PCI-2: free
    PCI-3: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    PCI-4: Realtek 8029AS (10Mbps Base2/BaseT)
    PCI-5: Genius VideoWonder PRO

    Have you tried for instances, 8.5/9 x 150? It should work if DIMM+Cards can handle it. A stupid question, but your TB-C is multiplier unlocked right?

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  8. Hi,

    I've just gone back and tried again, but cannot get Win2K loaded over 142 fsb.

    I'll strip the boards down again tonight as I have a system proven to run at 148FSB and use those.

    I know what you are saying. I have used proven RAM in my system but again couldn't get stable above 142.

    Another project for tonight. Thanks for the info!


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  9. I have a avia0109 1ghz@1.45 GHZ

    1.75 volts

    31-33c idle
    as high as 53 under full load

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  10. Ok... i've just installed my Volcano II and SWEET temperature drop of 11ºC :)

    Anyways since i removed my old one i took the chance to confirm the stepping.
    It's an AVHA:


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  11. Nice.... but who cares... i don't think steppings are important... if anyone whats a processor with specific stepping just because it can OC better should consider buying a faster processor :)

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  12. I think overclocking a 1 GHz to get that large a boost looks appealing. You really have nothing to lose at todays prices. I checked Wusy's link BTW, and the AXIA and AVIA seem to be the best. Limited info, but still usefull. If you are going to be buying OEM you might as well OC a bit at least. You know that you will have to upgrade long before you wear the processor out.

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  13. I recommend the 200MHz version as a 1GHz will go to 1333 at 133 with no multiplier changes, and this may be handy if you get one of the newer boards that do not have multiplier adjustments. Either AXIA or AVIA should go at least that far.

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  14. I would have to differ from birdman...but only to a certain extent.... it seems that with the 1 ghz cores the AVIA stepping doesnt care if its 266 or 200.. they all do 1400+ (mine runs at 1551, but I work for OCZ too :)...) but with the 1200+ core chips every single chip you buy right now is AXIA, but I found nothing but junk with the AXIA's compared to the AVIA's...

    BTW I came up with that stepping article... lol

    gotta take credit where credit is due!!

    Thanks goes out to Toms Hardware for pushing such a great review on the MC-462 which by the way is the BEST HSF on the market if you got the cash....

    <b><i> Yes, I am an overclocker, and no I am NOT a professional.....</b></i>
  15. This merely for what it's worth.
    I purchase two Athlon 1000 cpu's. One came in as AJFA and one as AXIA. Both were supposed to be 266mhz.
    I am using Abit KT7A-RAID MB'S
    I unlocked each with a .5mil pencil. (Have conductive pen just haven't got around to try using.
    My memory is PC133 Brand unknown but test says xerox and is showing cas 3. (As if I even knew what that meant)
    The AXIA will go to 1.4 but not stable---stable at 1333mhz at 10 X 133. The AJFA is stable at 1200 at 9 x 133.
    Using standard cooling fan purchased with cpu from TCWO (don't remember brand. Scapped off tape and used silicone.
    Voltage on AJFA is set on MB to 1.75 but MBM shows 1.80.
    Voltage on AXIA is set on MB to 1.80 but MBM shows 1.85.
    Temperature on AJFA runs from 82*F to 105*F with an average of 84*F
    Temperature of AXIA runs from 84*F to 115* ( 115 on rare occasions) with an average of 86*F
    These are my first attempts to overclock Athlons and have not realy tried very hard. Not tried to peak that is like with better memory. Just bought standard memory from TCWO (It does have lifetime warranty so I am "assuming" its better than most generic.)
    I use inexpensive AGP ATI expert 98 video cards.
    (Note: I have found that winmodems will cause the temperature to increase by about 8 to 10 degrees over a hardware modem. Seldom use though except for fax--I use cable modem.)
    I am not a gamer, although I do use the computers for internet surfing a lot and use Business software and cd copying software a lot. While the speed is there, Its kind of like have a race car with plates for driving on the interstate--You cannot really take advantage of its power. I don't find any great advantage over my old Athlon Slot A 800 mhz unit.
    But that does not mean I will stop upgrading and overclocking and overclocking and overclocking. I do it because it can be done and I am only a dummy. I will leave the Extreme Overclocking to the experts and pick up hints here and there.
    I Know-----Long winded first post.

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