A7V133 or KK266?

I am trying to decide between the IWill KK266 and the Asus A7V133. They are both good boards. I am going to be putting a 1.2 Ghz 266 FSB Tbird in it. I don't really plan on OCing. I am building this system for my dad. Other components I want to put in are 12x10x32 CD-RW, GeForce2 MX, SB Live! So KK266 or A7V133? :)

It's better to be pissed off than pissed on :)
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  1. I have an A7V133, using Hercules GeUltra64pro, SB Live! Value, Win2K and it is rock solid - stock or oc'd. I'm using the 1333T-Bird (currently running @ 1562) and 768MB PC133CL2 RAM (more than you'll need for your pop I guess).

    I'll rate this board a 4.5 out of 5 'cos I'd have liked a 4th DIMM slot. I got it because THG rated it the best perfomance of the KT133A boards and my other old board is also an ASUS and also rock solid.

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  2. You'll get the DDR with the 266, but the 133 has a higher limit. At current prices, you can put 384meg in the 133, for the same as 256meg of DDR. Other than memory differences, both boards are good.
  3. I think you're mistaken, the KK266 doesn't support DDR Ram, that is the KA266 from IWill.

    It's better to be pissed off than pissed on :)
  4. memo,

    I got the KK266-R, before I really knew what the reviews said, etc. So far I'm glad I did. This forum is full of ASUS users. No problem with that, and it means good support right here. There's a KK266 support site going up here: <A HREF="http://fullon3d.com/kk266faq/kk266faq.shtml" target="_new">http://fullon3d.com/kk266faq/kk266faq.shtml</A> that you might want to visit to see what help you might get for the Iwill.

    I like my KK266, and it appears it will be very upgradable and O/C-able if I get into that.

    I think you may want to look at features and board layout too. The Iwill is more of a KT7 clone than anything. The onboard audio is actually useful, but not quite SB Live 5.1 quality (and consumes a bit more processor too). If you want RAID, I think RAID 0 is standard on the A7V133. You've got to get the KK266-R version to get it on the Iwill. But if you do, it'll do RAID 0, 1 and both (w/4 drives). Iwill's having some minor BIOS issues that will hopefully disappear soon. There's also a "turbo bios" that gives you much fuller memory control than the std. BIOS. It's suposed to make quite a difference if you've got good memory. I have yet to try it on my Crucial PC133 C2, but I plan to.

    Hope this helps. Probably won't go wrong either way.


    the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know... :eek:
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