Very sudden drop of framerates

My pc is as follows:
CPU: Phenom II X4 955 (3.2 ghz)
RAM: 8gb DDR3 1333 Patriot
Mainboard: MSi790gx
Graphics: HIS 6790 1gb
Sound: Onboard.

I usually play games at max settings and with great FPS. In particular I play Super Street Fighter at max settings, and have never experienced a problem with it. So yesterday I install, via Steam, Blades of Time. I noticed a small synchronization problem between audio and video. So I closed it, and played some Dota2 (also at max settings with no probelm), some League of Legends (Max settings, no prob, 1080x1920) and then I tried to open Super Street Fighter IV, from the intro videos it was really slow and choppy. Gameplay as well was terrible, very choppy and very slow. I restarted my pc and it didn't make a difference, I tried uninstalling Blades of Time, and a couple of things I don't use as much anymore, and restarted again. I also ran a full system scan with MalwareBytes, and Avast. It found nothing. Today I tried to play SSFIV and I had the same problem. So I tried opening a different game, and Kingdoms of Amalur, at max settings, works fine. I installed blades of time again, and it's still not working smoothly, even with lower settings.
My question is, what happened to SFIV? Should I reinstall and just give up on Blades of Time?
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  1. Is all of your drivers IE GPU, MOBO, Bios, etc all up to date? Are you checking your temps? What is your PSU brand and watts? Yes to reinstall both games after you check if all of your drivers are up to date.

    Not just your GPU drivers. All drivers and you can do that with device manager in the control panel. If you are checking your temps what program are you using? Please get back to us and we will go from there.
  2. Updated all drivers, even bios. Temps are normal, disk usage is normal, ram and cpu usage is normal, nothing spikes. PSU brand is Ultra, 750 watts. I uninstalled, and reinstalled SSFIV, and it worked perfectly. I reinstalled Blades of Time, and both Blades of Time and SSFIV get choppy. And it's just those two games. Right now I uninstalled Blades of Time, reisntalled only SSFIV, and will ask Steam about it as well.
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    You do know about the Verify integrity of game cache in steam? Sometimes clicking on it will help sometimes. Sometimms steam has issues with games. Keep us posted if you find a fix.
  4. And that hit the spot. Something must've gone wrong during the download. After doing the "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" it finished downloading some other files, and it works well now. Thanks a lot!
  5. Well that is good to hear and you are very welcome.
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