Steam: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 loading Problem

well i just downloaded mw3 to play during the free weekend but every time i load it i get a blue screen error and my computer shuts down right after trying to load mw3.
i tried checking the game cache and i tried re-installing it as well but neither works.
please help.
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  1. HEXiT said:

    thanks but now i ran into a new problem.
    tesv.exe - bad image regarding the x3daudio1_7.dll
    how do i fix this?
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    i think thats a direct x file so reinstall the latest direct x. either off the disk that came with skyrim or if you got it direct to drive then you will have to get it direct from microsoft. you may want to install the latest direct x sdk.
  3. well the one on the disk didn't work but i did try to install the one in the link and it fixed my problem.
    thanks! ^_^
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