Can I Test Windows 7 in Microsoft Virtual PC..?


I love my PC and i want test Windows7 in it without any problems

So Can I Test Windows 7 in Microsoft Virtual PC..?
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  1. yes, i think you'll need to say its a vista install.
  2. Yes, of course... VirtualBox and VMware are other options too.
  3. I don't believe you will be able to use some of the enhanced features of Windows 7 since virtual anything uses a generic video driver.
  4. yep, i installed it on virtual box, and ran great. but ya everything is a generic driver...
  5. Ya man... install it as an other operating system. But make sure you downlaod the x86 version. I have the x64 disc and it didn't work.
  6. renegeek said:
    yep, i installed it on virtual box, and ran great. but ya everything is a generic driver...

    That's because your real hardware "doesn't exist". ;)
  7. if i use virtual box and install windows 7 through that... is there any possibilty of it messing up my system (im using windows vista 64 ultimate edition)?

    i really wanna try windows 7 but dont want to partion drive or create dual boot or buy new hdd.. this seems lke the only other way... but am i at any risk of messing up anything on the current vista 64?
  8. No, you shouldn't mess anything up. Your Windows 7 installation will install into an expanding file called a virtual hard drive that you create during the process. Virtual PC does a pretty good job keeping the guest and host operating systems seperate from each other....although you can have interaction between the two if you wish.
  9. just read a post from the virtual box forum that some guy installed windows 7 on it and he had vista 64 as the host now he boots up and gets MBR error .. messed up his system! yikes.. too scared to try it!
  10. PEBKAC. Virtual Machines don't have anything to do with the MBR, so he did something else to screw it up.
  11. XGMan said:

    I love my PC and i want test Windows7 in it without any problems

    So Can I Test Windows 7 in Microsoft Virtual PC..?

    I installed in VMware 6.5 as a Vista install and it worked... I couldn't start any 3d application (it just freezes) although VMware 6.5 supports directx 9.1.
    The virtual machine freezes even when I try to find the experience index score.

    Everything else works fine.
  12. I installed W7 in VMW 6.5 w/out any issues. ...of course I can't run Aero but can't really say Aero's an important feature either. Otherwise I had not issues and was a tad surprised at how polished Win7 is at this point.

    Gotta love VMWare, its just one of those apps that I think every techy should have.
  13. got the courage last night and installed windows 7 to virtual box.. played with it for 15 min (worked great btw) and then uninstalled. dont see much if any difference from Vista 64 at this point, but its probably cause i dont get the bells and whistles due to the fact that its running on VB? was hoping for a bit more eye candy. the "shake" thing is cool where you can minimize/maximize all windows.
  14. You can 'snap' windows to the half and top screens, as well.
  15. If want all the bells and whistles, you will have to actually install it as you would any normal OS. Whether through a dual boot, or separate drive/partition. Running it in a virtual machine gives you basic functionality.
  16. ya but does it look much different then vista? looks identical on the virtual box.
  17. If I had to give a simple yes or no answer, then yes. It is very similar to Vista.
  18. The taskbar is the only significant eye candy difference.
  19. Yes you can run Windows 7 in Microsoft’s virtual PC 2007. Chose Windows server 2008 to install and don’t forget that you will need to give the virtual PC at least a gig of ram. Aero wont work in virtual PC but apart from that it works just fine.
  20. Though it will in Virtual PC 2007 (and VPC is free, yea) if you want a really usable experience invest in VMWare for virtualizing. There's a notable difference in performance in VMWare's favor, you can even assign an OS two cores.

    ...always gotta get my vote in for VMWare.
  21. Had it running in the vmware and virtualbox and virtual pc. ( I support all 3 ) so just wanted to monkey with it. 10.x gb's to install, just about the same as vista 64.
    Bootup was a tad faster with 7, vmware booted it up faster than the other 2, opening windows is faster, file copy is faster, but only by small amounts.
  22. Honestly I suggest an install of windows 7 to evaluate it. Most people have plenty of hard drive space lying around to create a separate partition and set up a dual boot. Easy, yes, and if you end up not liking it, just fold the extra partition back into the original. :)
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