Unable to install a new OS due to boot up sequence

i am wanting to install windows 7 on my custom built PC but i keep getting an error message that says it can't install due to the boot function...any one have any ideas how i can get the awesome of windows 7 and kill the red headed bastard child that is of vista
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  1. Simple... enter BIOS on start up and select the firts boot device as your DVD drive. Save the changes and re-boot... you pc will probably as you to press a key during start up to boot from DVD...
  2. i switched the boot order to that and it didn't work...also it might be a good idea to note that this is a custom built gaming PC
  3. Are you using a bootable install disk?
  4. i have no idea what that means...all i am doing is attempting to get the boot order correct so windows 7 will take it so far the origonal boot didn't work and ulysses answer didn't work as well and all i have personally have done is change the holt settings to no errors and it if helps the mother board is a XFX nForce 780i SLI
  5. Question: Is it the real thing, as in genuine Windows 7, or some pirated image that you pulled from a dodgy torrent site? If option 2, I'm not surprised if it won't boot.
  6. If you don't know what that means, stop everything you are doing and take the PC to a shop. You don't know enough about your PC to being trying to install anything.
  7. i have a real copy of windows 7 its on my laptop and it works and im too cheap to go too a shop and have a professional install it
  8. Are you are trying to use the install, or the restore disk from your laptop to install Windows 7 on another computer?
    If that is what you are tyring to do, it simply won't work.
  9. im using the windows 7 disk on the desktop..and i got both the 64 and 32 bit the 64 just will not work but the 32 works till it has to reboot then i get the message saying that the boot order is the problem
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