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I have window 7 32bit and I setup a backup on a external hard drive by using the backup and restore feature.

I am on the progress of wiping out my hard drive to install window 7 64 bit.

Can i still back up the files on my window 7 64bit?

I plug my external on my laptop xp, all i see are a lot of winrar files.

Would that be the same for window 7 64bit?
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  1. Yeah, I don't think you are going to be able to do it that way.
    Here's what I would do, use the easy transfer feature of win 7 to backup your 32 bit files. Then wipe your drive (if you haven't already) and after installing 64 bit run the easy transfer wizard again. You should be able to access all your files and keep your current windows settings (themes, etc.)
  2. crapp too late?

    no way to solve this?

    i mean on my xp..there about 5000 win rar files...i can see some of my files but its not well organise and hard to find files and documents
  3. Well, you may get lucky and be able to use the files under 64bit. If you install pro, you can run XP mode. My guess is that you'll be able to see and use most files, and you may run into a few that just don't make the transfer. For the most part you should be allright.
    But for future reference, you'll want to use the easy transfer of WIN7 to ease the pain of moving/reinstalling.

    The part that may not tranfer is the system settings. Or it might work.
  4. "I have window 7 32bit and I setup a backup on a external hard drive by using the backup and restore feature."
    What's not clear is what you used to make the backup with. If you used the laptop with XP on it, then it may be in the lap of the gods. I guess you won't know untill you try to restore.
    It's a bit late now but as buzznut said you should have used Windows ETW. The ETW would have saved not only your files, but all your settings as well.
    The second thing, there was no need to format the drive first as Windows would have put the previous instalation all in one folder called Windows.old, from which your files could have been recovered.
    Good luck with it.
  5. soo it turns out..i was able to load all my backup files :)
  6. Glad you you were successful. At least you know what to do next time if needed. The W7 ETW is actually very good for when you need to reinstall or move to another pc.
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