Overclocking AMD K6-2

I have a DFI motherboard with 100Mhz bus. The CPU is an AMD K6-2 475Mhz with a 95Mhz clock. Does this CPU mean that I am not using my 100Mhz capability? If so, can I overclock the CPU to 500Mhz without problems? I assume I would adjust the pin switches to the positions for an AMD K6-2 500Mhz CPU. Is that correct?

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  1. Yes, and 500 should not be a problem for the 475. Set it at 5x100 instead of 5x95.

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  2. set the CPU frequency to 100mhz and that should get you to 500. I did the same exact thing with my old Aptiva(came with the K6-2 475). CPU frequency is set at 95mhz to achieve the CPU's proper speed : 95mhz x 5(clock multiplier)=475.
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  3. Thanks much for the advice. With your input I can go ahead with confidence.

  4. Your advice allows me to proceed with the overclocking of my cpu with confidence. Thanks much.

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