Buy an xbox 360 now or wait for the Wii u??

So i would like to know if is it better to wait for Wii U or to buy an xbox 360 now?
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  1. Xbox 360 is still a good platform, and still has great games being released. The Wii U will be a big jump over the standard Wii - but you will find that games for Nintendos machine tend to be more family orientated.

    I would wait for either Xbox720 or PS4 towards the end of this year...
  2. If your into FPS games, go xbox. Most games for the wii seem to be rated E or T and are more family/social oriented.
  3. Not much point in buying the 360 unless you can get a bargain. It is in its final year and will be abandoned in favour of the next Xbox soon.
  4. I agree with ulysses35's post. The Wii is definitely more kid/family oriented where the Xbox/Playstation consoles are typically more for the "hardcore" gamers. That being said, it really depends on the genres of games that you are looking to play.

    There's nothing wrong with buying an Xbox now even if it is coming to the end of it's life cycle, in my opinion. In fact, you can probably score a console for a pretty good price (sans 250GB HDD) so you can put the rest of the money away for the next big thing when it arrives!
  5. It all depends as the guys above said. If you want a family console or a gamer console.
  6. the WII U has being working with activation for black ops 2
  7. Careful on the wii U. Lot of bad press about it not being all that impressive. Google it. Get the 360. It will have a player base for quite a long time.
  8. heids24 said:
    Get the 360. It will have a player base for quite a long time.

    Yeah, I agree. People will be playing the Xbox 360 till the day the "new" xbox is released and even after that for the players that want to wait to get it cheaper.
  9. Depends on the type of games you want to play.
  10. Go for the xbox because it has allot of games and i have an xbox and wii. I use the xbox twice as much as the wii
  11. I have seen multiple reports online that price cuts are predicted for 360 and PS3 leading up to E3 this June, so you might want to wait till then to decide.

    If the PS3 goes down to around 200 I think thats a good buy just for netflix streaming, blu ray playback, and a few games that are bad on PC (cough madden cough)
  12. Don't get either. If you are determined to get a console unless there are specific games that are exclusive for the 360 you are after get the PS3. But i would recommend getting a PC.
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